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Tonaja is a female comic character who features in Marvel Comics.



Tonaja was a female member of the race of Inhumans where she was born in Attilan in the modern age.

She was summoned to the Royal Palace where Tonaja along with four others had been selected to be part of a social experiment where they were to go to Earth for at least 1 year to live amongst humans on North America. Tonaja was aghast at the thought of being among the humans and refused to go with her petitioning Gorgon to remove her from the mission. However, he did not grant her request and stated that she would provide recon information on Earth as was her duty in the Royal Guard. (Inhumans v4 #2)


Personality and attributes

Tonaja was said to had been a war-tested scout in the Royal Guard who was a fast-thinker and a natural leader. Despite all the hardships, it was said that she retained a youthful optimism. (Inhumans v4 #2)

She stated that Gorgon had trained her and was akin to being a father to her. (Inhumans v4 #2)

Powers and abilities

Has wings which allow her to fly and green skin.


  • Tonaja was created by Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee where she made her first appearance in Inhumans v2 #2 (December, 1998).

In other media



  • Inhumans v2: (1998)
  • Inhumans v4:

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