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There are several different Transformers continuities. There is no official order of stories so this is only a very well informed opinion.

This is a mixture of comics, books, cartoons and miscellaneous


There is an infinite number of ways continuities can be formed. The continuity scheme shown here is a multiverse of alternate realities. This Multiverse consists of a many continuities shown below. This way every story is included only once. Every toy appears in at least one reality (unless there are no stories, in which case I have indicated that stories are missing).

The multi-verse is as follows:


MARVEL COMIC UK see Chronological Transformers Marvel UK

MARVEL COMIC US see Chronological Transformers Marvel US

REGENERATION see Chronological Transformers Regeneration

CARTOONS see Transformers cartoons

MANGA see Transformers manga

GI:JOE see GI:Joe and Transformers

ROBOTS IN DISGUISE see Transformers Robots in disguise

DREAMWAVE COMIC see Chronological Transformers Dreamwave

Vs GI:JOE see Transformers Vs. GI Joe

BOOKS see Chronological Transformers Books


PANINI COMIC see Chronological Transformers Panini

CARTOONS see Transformers Minicon cartoons

BOOKS see Chronological Transformers Minicon Books

DREAMWAVE COMIC see Chronological Transformers Minicon Dreamwave


COMICS see Transformers Classics

MANGA see Transformers Henkei

BROCHURE see Transformers Henkei Bun Bun


TRANSTECH see Transformers Transtech

SHATTERED GLASS see Transformers Shattered Glass

WINGS see Transformers Wings


EVOLUTIONS see Chronological Transformers Evolutions

ALTERNATORS see Transformers Binaltech

GENERATIONS see Chronological Transformers Generations

IDW COMIC see Chronological Transformers IDW

PRIME WARS see Prime Wars Trilogy Continuity

ANIMATED see Transformers Animated

PRIME see Transformers Prime

GO! see Transformers GO!

CLOUD see Cloud Continuity

CYBERVERSE see Cyberverse Continuity


FILM see Transformers film continuity

COMIC see Transformers comic/film continuity

VIDEO GAME see Transformers video game/film continuity

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