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Note: This article is part of the Transformers Multiverse article.


Notes, order and dates speculative

?,000,000 years ago

Epoch of Cybertron BOTCON '98

9 Million years ago

Orion Pax debuts

Many years later Orion Pax becomes Optimus Prime

4,000,000 years ago

Televis art TELEVIS#7

Televis art TELEVIS #?

Early 1980s

A New Transformer Legend Begins!! THE TRANSFORMERS: MICROMASTER

Enter the Urban Disaster Relief Specialists!! THE TRANSFORMERS: MICROMASTER

Enter the Decepticon Sixwing!! THE TRANSFORMERS: MICROMASTER

Sixbuilder the Ill-Fated Warrior!? THE TRANSFORMERS: MICROMASTER


The Menace of Landcross's Combining Formation! THE TRANSFORMERS: MICROMASTER

These characters then leave Earth, mostly likely time-jumping to circa 2020.


More than meets the eye SERIES 1

Transport to Oblivion SERIES 1

Roll For It SERIES 1

Divide and Conquer SERIES 1

Fire In The Sky SERIES 1

S.O.S Dinobots SERIES 1

War of the Dinobots SERIES 1

Fire on the Mountain SERIES 1

The Ultimate Doom SERIES 1

Countdown to Extinction SERIES 1

A Plague of Insecticons SERIES 1

Heavy Metal Wars SERIES 1

Televis art TELEVIS 86#1

Autobot Spike SERIES 1

Changing Gears SERIES 1

City of Steel SERIES 1

Attack of the Autobots SERIES 1

The Traitor SERIES 1

The Immobiliser SERIES 1

Autobot Run SERIES 1

Atlantis Arise SERIES 1

Day of The Machines SERIES 1

Enter The Nightbird SERIES 1


Televis art TELEVIS 86#12

Televis art TELEVIS 85#11 (Dinobots vs Decepticons scene)

Televis art TELEVIS 85#11 (Dinobots in the city scene)

Televis art TELEVIS 86#1

The Core SERIES 2

Targets of Opportunity TF & GI:JOE 1

(Note: Ignore the reference to World War 2)

Targets of Opportunity TF & GI:JOE PLOT SYNOPSES & COVERS 2-6


Televis art TELEVIS 85#8

Televis art TELEVIS 85#9


Transformers WALL PAPER 1

Televis art TELEVIS 86#11 (scene with Blaster)

A Prime Problem SERIES 2


The Insecticon Syndrome SERIES 2

Dinobot Island SERIES 2

The Master Builders SERIES 2

Autobeserk SERIES 2

Microbots SERIES 2

Desertion of The Dinobots SERIES 2

Box scene BOX 1985 JAPANESE

Megatron's Masterplan SERIES 2

Blaster Blues SERIES 2


Deception Raider in King Arthur's Court SERIES 2

The Golden Lagoon SERIES 2

The God Gambit SERIES 2

Make Tracks SERIES 2

Child's Play SERIES 2

The Gambler SERIES 2

Quest for Survival SERIES 2

The Secret of Omega Supreme SERIES 2

Kremzeek! SERIES 2

Sea Change SERIES 2

Triple Takeover SERIES 2

Prime Target SERIES 2

Autobop SERIES 2

The Search for Alpha Trion SERIES 2

The Girl Who Loved Powerglide SERIES 2

Hoist Goes Hollywood SERIES 2

Key To Vector Sigma SERIES 2

Televis art TELEVIS 86#2

Televis art TELEVIS 86#5

Masquerade SERIES 2

War Dawn SERIES 2

Trans Europe Express SERIES 2

Cosmic Rust SERIES 2

Starscream's Brigade SERIES 2

The Protectobots travel to Earth

Revenge of Bruticus SERIES 2

Aerial Assault SERIES 2


Televis art TELEVIS 86#8

Televis art TELEVIS 86#11 (scene with Decepticon combiners)

Televis art TELEVIS ?


Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers TELEVIS 86#1

Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers TELEVIS 86#2

Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers TELEVIS 86#3

Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers TELEVIS 86#4

Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers TELEVIS 86#5

Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers TELEVIS 86#6

Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers TELEVIS 86#7

Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers TELEVIS 86#8

Mobilization SCRAMBLE CITY

Full Throttle Scramble Power! COMIC BOM BOM

Televis TELEVIS 86#3

Televis TELEVIS 86#4


Pocket book POCKET BOOK

Televis TELEVIS 86#10

Televis TELEVIS 86#?

Televis TELEVIS #? (scene with Grimlock)

Televis TELEVIS #? (City commanders)

Transformers WALL PAPER 2

Pocket book POCKET BOOK

Transformers WALL PAPER 3

Trypticon is defeated but is hidden under a city. Sandstorm discovers and remains on the planet Paratron.


story page MC AXIS #1

story page MC AXIS #2



The Movie FILM


The Five Faces of Darkness SERIES 3

2010 TELEVIS 86-87#1

2010 TELEVIS 86-87#2

Televis art TELEVIS 87#1

The Killing Jar SERIES 3

Chaos SERIES 3

Dark Awakening SERIES 3

Forever is a long time coming SERIES 3

Fight or Flee SERIES 3

Thief in the Night SERIES 3

Starscream's Ghost SERIES 3

Televis art TELEVIS 87#3

Televis art TELEVIS 87#3

2010 TELEVIS 86-87#3

2010 TELEVIS 86-87#4

Comic Colour Special TELEVIS

2010 TELEVIS 86-87#5

Ghost in The Machine SERIES 3

Surprise Party SERIES 3

Madman's Paradise SERIES 3

Nightmare Planet SERIES 3

Web World SERIES 3

Carnage in C Minor SERIES 3

The Ultimate Weapon SERIES 3

The Big Broadcast Of 2006 SERIES 3

Quintesson Journal SERIES 3

Dweller In The Depths SERIES 3

Only Human SERIES 3

Grimlock's New Brain SERIES 3

The Great Transformer War TELEVIS 87#1

The Great Transformer War TELEVIS 87#2

Televis art TELEVIS 87#6

Money is everything SERIES 3

Call of the primitives SERIES 3

Face of the Nijika SERIES 3

The burden hardest to bear SERIES 3

The Return of Optimus Prime SERIES 3

Televis art TELEVIS 86#9

Televis art TELEVIS #?

Televis art TELEVIS 87#5


The Great Transformer War TELEVIS 87#3

Four Soldiers from the Sky HEADMASTERS

Tale of the Master Star HEADMASTERS

Birth of a New Leader HEADMASTERS

The Resurrected Blaster against the Decepticons HEADMASTERS

The Revolt on Planet Beasto HEADMASTERS


The Four Million Year Old Veil Of Mystery HEADMASTERS

Terror of The Six Shadows HEADMASTERS

Crisis on Cybertron HEADMASTERS

King of Saturn - Scorponok HEADMASTERS

The Dormant Volcano Erupts Again HEADMASTERS

Head on Fortress Maximus HEADMASTERS


The Indestructible King Galvatron HEADMASTERS

An S.O.S from a Lost Planet HEADMASTERS

Daniel the Little Hero HEADMASTERS

Battle To The Death On The Beehive Planet HEADMASTERS

The Attack on the Planets HEADMASTERS

Scorponok's Weakness HEADMASTERS

Friendship of the Four Headmasters HEADMASTERS

Mystery of the Space Pirate Ship HEADMASTERS

The Death of Ultra Magnus HEADMASTERS

The Final Demise of the King of Destruction HEADMASTERS

Life can be sacrificed for Peace on Earth HEADMASTERS

The Miracle Warriors HEADMASTERS

Crisis on Planet Master HEADMASTERS

The Brink of Death HEADMASTERS

The Full Scale Assault HEADMASTERS

From Enemy to Friend HEADMASTERS

The Plot of the Final Battle HEADMASTERS

The Last Battle on Earth HEADMASTERS


The Return of the Decepticons MASTERFORCE

The Hunt for the Living Dead MASTERFORCE

The Case of the Missing Planes MASTERFORCE

Junior Headmasters MASTERFORCE

The Troublemaking Little Monsters MASTERFORCE

Battle in the Barren Land MASTERFORCE

Preservation of the Wild Animals MASTERFORCE


The Autobots Are In Danger MASTERFORCE

The Appointed Hero MASTERFORCE

Turn the Anger to Power MASTERFORCE

A Friendship is formed MASTERFORCE

The True Face of the Mysterious Rock MASTERFORCE

The Hunt has Begun MASTERFORCE

The Birth of The Super Warrior MASTERFORCE

A Dramatic Encounter MASTERFORCE

The Birth of The Third Powermaster MASTERFORCE

Sixknight The Vagabond MASTERFORCE

The Emergence Of The Fourth Powermaster MASTERFORCE

The Autobot Warrior Sixknight MASTERFORCE

Save the Young Girl MASTERFORCE

The Struggle between Life and Death MASTERFORCE

The Revealing of the Evil Scheme MASTERFORCE

Battle in the Desert MASTERFORCE

Plan to Destroy the Godbomber Project MASTERFORCE

Battle For The Moon MASTERFORCE

Battle in Space MASTERFORCE

The Whirling Tornado MASTERFORCE

The Underwater Volcanic Eruption MASTERFORCE

Plan to Destroy Godbomber MASTERFORCE

The Last Powermaster Warrior is found MASTERFORCE

Destroy the Autobots HQ MASTERFORCE

Crisis in the Autobots HQ MASTERFORCE

Destroyer from Deep Space MASTERFORCE

Destruction of the Human Race MASTERFORCE

Rescue Squeezeplay MASTERFORCE

Battle at the Base MASTERFORCE

The New Scorponok MASTERFORCE

The New Beings Have Come Alive MASTERFORCE

The Battle For Survival MASTERFORCE

The True Face of Z – the Ultimate Killer MASTERFORCE

The Ultimate Battle MASTERFORCE


The Warrior of the Universe – Star Sabre VICTORY

The Birth Of A Monster VICTORY

Leozak Attack VICTORY

Merge, Landcross VICTORY

Move Out, Rescue Patrol VICTORY

Save The Mine VICTORY

Attack On The Energy Storage Planet VICTORY

Terror Under The Metropolis VICTORY

The New Arrival - Hellbat VICTORY

Battle at The Shuttle Station VICTORY

Tanker Theft Operation VICTORY

Rescue Mikon VICTORY

The Underground Water Electricity Plant VICTORY

Combat In The Asteroid Belt VICTORY

Battle on The Planet Micro VICTORY

Rescue Gaihawk VICTORY

The New Combination Robot – Leo Kaiser VICTORY

The Reactivation Of The Space City VICTORY

The Power Of Rage VICTORY

Battle In The Antarctic VICTORY

Ambush In The Desert VICTORY

A Battle Of Life And Death VICTORY

Farewell Optimus Prime VICTORY

Go To Battle Victory Leo VICTORY

Awaken Victory Leo VICTORY

The Indestructible Combination VICTORY

Mikon Saves The School VICTORY

Crisis at the Base VICTORY

The Assassin Bug VICTORY

The Tidal Wave VICTORY

The Space City Has Come Back To Life VICTORY

Seek And Destroy The Space City VICTORY


The Autobot Z-Project Begins STORY PAGES

This is the World of Transformers: Zone! STORY PAGES

Micro Warriors Into Action! STORY PAGES

Secrets of the 3 Micro Teams and Rocket Base! STORY PAGES

Autobots Battle on the Water Planet! STORY PAGES

The 3 Teams and 4 Commanders That Beat the Decepticons! STORY PAGES

The New Warrior- Dai Atlas ZONE

Debut of the New Autobot Supreme Commander! STORY PAGES

Dai Atlas Carried Out Operation Z! STORY PAGES

Protect the Galaxy, Dai Atlas and Zone Base! STORY PAGES

Dai Atlas' Friendship is his Strategy! STORY PAGES

Burst! Two Heroes' Powered Action! STORY PAGES

The Two Heroes Combine! This is Sky Powered STORY PAGES

Dai Atlas' Rival Metrotitan Emerges! STORY PAGES

Metrotitan Attacks Zone City! STORY PAGES

Face Off: Dai Atlas Vs. Metrotitan STORY PAGES

New Hero Roadfire Emerges! STORY PAGES

This is Roadfire's Transformation! STORY PAGES

The Mightiest Decepticon Emperor, Violen Jiger, Emerges! STORY PAGES

Triple Combination Big Powered in Pursuit!" STORY PAGES

Supreme Commander Dai Atlas’ Full Power Unveiled! STORY PAGES

Explode! Final Blade! Double Powered Cutter! STORY PAGES

The Powered Masters’ Final Battle! STORY PAGES

Let’s Build a Peaceful New World! STORY PAGES


Battlestars Begins! STORY PAGES

I'm the Leader of the Battlestars, Sky Garry! STORY PAGES

Sky Garry and Grandus battle Dark Nova's newest evil creation, the Novaroid. STORY PAGES

Great Six Combination Warrior Sixliner! STORY PAGES

Go Forth, Grandus of Justice! STORY PAGES

Resurrect the Legendary Hero, Optimus Prime! STORY PAGES

Decepticon Emperor of Destruction Super Megatron has Appeared! STORY PAGES

It's the Supreme Commander Optimus Prime! STORY PAGES

Optimus Prime's New Strategy! STORY PAGES

Triple Combination, Battlestar Attack! STORY PAGES

Arrival! Strongest Emperor of Destruction Ultra Megatron STORY PAGES

The Battlestars Final Battle! STORY PAGES

You Did It, Battlestars! STORY PAGES

More micromasters debut: Hotrod Patrol, Monster Truck Patrol, Military Patrol, Astro Squad, Metro Squad, Construction Squad, Battle Squad and the Micromaster trailers. Rodimus Prime returns and gives the matrix back to Optimus Prime. He reverts back to Hot Rod. He then becomes a micromaster.


Birth of the Five-Part Combiner Rescue Warrior: Guard City! STORY PAGES

Free-Combiner, Guard City! STORY PAGES

The Decepticon's Wicked Five-Part Combiner: Battle Gaia! STORY PAGES

Big Pinch, Autobots! STORY PAGES

The Road Army vs. the Jet Army! New Decepticons Appear! STORY PAGES

The Rivals of the Road Corps and Jet Corps Collide! STORY PAGES

The Decepticons' Attack on Earth! STORY PAGES

Conclusion STORY PAGES

The Autobots and Decepticons have been replaced by the Maximals and Predacons respectively.

There are no stories to show the following events.

(This is because the Canadian cartoons which, are part of another continuity, were shown instead.)

Firstly there is the ‘Beast Wars 1’ battle between Optimus Primal and Megatron.

If an original series had been made the cast would have been: Optimus Primal (bat),

Tigatron, Cheetor, Shadow panther, Polarclaw, Rhinox, Wolffang, Dinobot, Rattrap, Razorbeast

vs Megatron (crocodile), Black Arachnia, Tarantulas, Buzzsaw, Waspinator, Scorponok,

Snapper, Terrosaur, Iguanus, Insecticon, Shadow Panther, (as shown on the back of the box).

Optimus Primal and Megatron would then have upgraded to their Ultra bodies.

Then the Egg Beasts appear.


The New Forces Arrive! BEAST WARS 2

Run White Lion Run! BEAST WARS 2

Bonecrusher's Fury BEAST WARS 2

Lake trap BEAST WARS 2

Galvatron Revived BEAST WARS 2

Mystery of the Ancient Ruins BEAST WARS 2

The Insectrons Arrive BEAST WARS 2

Friend or Foe? Insect Robo BEAST WARS 2

The Strongest Tag Team? BEAST WARS 2

Autorollers Roll Out! BEAST WARS 2

Danger! Powerpinch BEAST WARS 2

Galvatron Runs Wild BEAST WARS 2

The Predacons General offensive! BEAST WARS 2

Combined Giant Tripredacus BEAST WARS 2

The Cheerful Jointrons BEAST WARS 2

A Terrible Combination Plan? BEAST WARS 2

Who is the Leader? BEAST WARS 2

Black Lio Primal BEAST WARS 2

Space Pirate Seacons! BEAST WARS 2

Who is the Strongest Warrior! BEAST WARS 2

Clawjaw is Saved BEAST WARS 2

Megastorm's Reckoning BEAST WARS 2

Showdown in the Sea BEAST WARS 2

To Face the Setting Sun BEAST WARS 2

The Last Battle BEAST WARS 2

Enter Prowl! BEAST WARS 2

Megastorm Reborn BEAST WARS 2

New Weapon: The Octo-Tank BEAST WARS 2

Gigastorm's Treachery BEAST WARS 2

Artifical Planet Nemesis BEAST WARS 2

The End of Starscream BEAST WARS 2

Lio Primal Assassination Plan BEAST WARS 2

Lio Primal is in imminent danger TV MOVIE

The Great Angolmois Freezing Operation BEAST WARS 2

Knockout Nemesis! BEAST WARS 2

Prowl's Revolt? BEAST WARS 2

Emissary of the Fourth Planet BEAST WARS 2

Crisis of Planet Earth BEAST WARS 2

Flyout! Planet Earth BEAST WARS 2

Assemble, 39th Warrior BEAST WARS 2

Revenge of the Space pirates BEAST WARS 2

Breaking into Nemesis BEAST WARS 2

Legend: The Green Warrior BEAST WARS 2

Farewell Lio Primal BEAST WARS 2


Move Out, Big Primal! BEAST WARS NEO

Get The Mysterious Capsule! BEAST WARS NEO

Burning Spirit Below Freezing BEAST WARS NEO

Hang In There, Stampy! BEAST WARS NEO

Mirage In The Sand BEAST WARS NEO

Dinosur Combiner Magmatron BEAST WARS NEO

Duel In The Midst of The Labyrinth BEAST WARS NEO

Danger of The Black Hole BEAST WARS NEO

Sub-Commander Longrack BEAST WARS NEO

Whoa! He Got Eaten! BEAST WARS NEO

Planet of Time BEAST WARS NEO

Lazorbeak Alone BEAST WARS NEO


Break is a Predacon? BEAST WARS NEO

Mach Kick Enlists!? BEAST WARS NEO

Planet of The Ultimate Weapon BEAST WARS NEO


Attack! Randy BEAST WARS NEO

Physicist Bump BEAST WARS NEO

Hardhead Is Hardheaded BEAST WARS NEO

Deep-Sea Personal Combat BEAST WARS NEO

The Stolen Gung Ho BEAST WARS NEO

Hot Blooded Instructor, Survivor BEAST WARS NEO

Assemble New Warriors BEAST WARS NEO

The mysterious Beast Warriors BEAST WARS NEO

The Stolen Capsules BEAST WARS NEO

Pursue The Fuzors BEAST WARS NEO

Angered Magmatron BEAST WARS NEO

Illusion? Lio Primal BEAST WARS NEO

Unicron Revived BEAST WARS NEO

Unicron's Ambition BEAST WARS NEO

Fight Maximals BEAST WARS NEO

The End of the Maximals BEAST WARS NEO

The Last Battle BEAST WARS NEO

Graduation Ceremony!! BEAST WARS NEO

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