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Aquaman and Mera versus the Trench from Aquaman v7 #4.

The Trench are a species that feature in DC Comics.



Invading the surface in Aquaman v7 #3.

The Trench's origins were traced to the times of ancient Atlantis when it existed on the surface and was the dominant force on the planet Earth thousands of years ago. At the time, the land was led by King Atlan who ruled his people benevolently until he was usurped by his brother Orin. Orin took control of Atlantis and killed Atlan's family forcing him into exile after he narrowly escaped the attempt on his life. After fleeing, he vowed vengeance and sought weapons to aid him in this task leading him to journeying to a desert lands in order to acquire the material need to craft magical relics. With these at hand, he attacked Atlantis and such was his power that he broke the great city leading it to sink into the waters below. Atlantis was fractured into seven separate pieces whilst 90% of its inhabitants died in the cataclysm. The remaining 10% was split among the seven fragments with four of these being lost to time. Afterwards, the survivors mutated to survive the underwater depths where they became known as the Atlanteans. These Atlanteans occupied the first of the three known fragments of their once great civilization whilst another became known as Xebel that resided in a magical pocket dimension. The final part had its occupants mutated into ravenous deep sea near feral cannibals known as the Trench that remained sealed deep underground.

Unknown to anyone, the daughter of the Trench Queen survived and was growing to maturity. During this time, an oil rig in the Atlantic Sea was conducting drilling operations when they managed to capture her. The juvenile Queen was taken aboard when LexCorp scientists learnt of the find and arrived on the platform to study her. This saw them experiment on her leading to the rest of the Trench looking to recover her and bringing about their attack on the rig. A number of people were killed on the platform with Aquaman and Mera arriving to investigate the incident. This saw them encountering the Trench and Arthur finding the captive Queen who he freed. In response, she decided to end the attack on the rig and returned to the watery depths with the rest of the Trench who left the surviving humans unharmed. (Aquaman v8 #56)


Young Queens were the size of a human infant as they slowly grew to maturity. (Aquaman v8 #56)

It was said that they were primitively brutal and ruthless with mercy not being a trait known to them. (Aquaman v8 #56)

As such, they tended to take orders from their Queens. (Aquaman v8 #56)


  • Ch'tok : an assassin of the Trench sent to join Mera's Atlantean hunt party that was seeking the capture of Aquaman during the Thule crisis. (Aquaman v7 #42)


In other media


Trenchers in Justice League: Throne of Atlantis.
  • In Justice League: Throne of Atlantis, the Trenchers were savage fish appearing monsters with four eyes who used barbaric blades to kill their foes. It was sad that they were group that scavenged beneath Atlantis before it sank beneath the ocean. Black Manta promised the Trenchers meat in exchange for their aid in assassinating Orm's half-brother Arthur Curry. They would ambush Arthur Curry after his heritage was revealed to him by Mera where they were nearly overwhelmed until the arrival of the Justice League forcing the monstrous beings to retreat. When Orm took the throne of Atlantis, he defeated Arthur Curry, Mera, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Cyborg using the power of his trident. He gave the cocooned heroes to the Trenchers who intended to sacrifice them to a giant animalistic monster in a trench though Arthur Curry would escape where he freed his allies. When Arthur Curry became the king of Atlantis, he operated as the superhero as Aquaman where he and Mera moved to defeat the Trenchers that had assembled a horde to attak the outskirts of the Atlantean kingdom.
  • In Aquaman, the Trench featured in the setting of the 2018 live-action film set in the DC Extended Universe. They were shown as being monstrous aquatic humanoids who were one of the seven kingdoms of Atlantis after its sinking beneath the ocean. The Trench were shown as being savage who devoured any intruder that came upon their territory with them being sensitive to light as they were accustomed to living in the darkness of the ocean depths. Atlantis was known to sacrifice traitors to the Trench with it expected that they would be consumed by the flesh-eating beasts. They were also guardians of the pathway portal that led to the Hidden Sea that transported people to the Earth's core.

Video games

  • In Injustice 2, the Trench Queen appeared as a gigantic creature in the Atlantis map where she was part of a stage interaction with players capable of knocking their foe into her where she dealt damage but was chained by her restraints.


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