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Steel at LexCorp in 52 v1 #40.

LexCorp is a business that features in DC Comics.




Lex Luthor in his office at LexCorp in 52 v1 #35.

LexCorp was a corporation that operated in Metropolis and owned by Lex Luthor. (The Man of Steel v1 #4)

Under Luthors orders, he organized and funded a special forces urban assault team called Team Luthor to defend Metropolis in the wake of Superman's disappearance. (Superman v2 #31)

LexCorp was partly involved in a secret NASA mission headed by Hank Henshaw with the crew tasked with conducting radiation experiments in zero-gravity. Their shuttle was exposed to intense radiation leading to the crew being mutated where they developed superhuman abilities but they were dying slowly. Henshaw reasoned that the facilities at LexCorp could be used to help heal them but were confronted by company security teams and Superman intervening in the battle. (Adventures of Superman v1 #466)

Thus, LexCorp came to be under attack from the forces of Cerberus. When Superman responded to these attacks, the company’s Board of Directors was pleased with the idea of the hero aiding their efforts. (Superman: Man of Steel v1 #2)

Contessa Erica Alexandra del Portenza who was a major stakeholder in the company moved to become the C.E.O. after Lex Luthor was publically discredited. (Superman: Man of Tomorrow v1 #1)

The research division at LexCorp managed to take into the power of a piece of Kryponite which powered their department. (Superman: Birthright v1 #5)

Lois Lane and Clark Kent travelled to LexCorp in order to interview Lex Luthor. (Superman: Birthright v1 #6)

It later provided sponsorship to the superhero team known as the Conglomerate alongside other companies that included American Steel, Dante Foods, Dupree Chemical, Ferris Aircraft, S.T.A.R. Labs, Ovel Oil, Pax Entertainment and Stagg Enterprises. (Justice League Quarterly v1 #1)

LexCorp came into possession of an ancient Kryptonian probe which had traces of the Xarxas virus which infected Superman causing him to lose his powers. At the same time, Bizarro was infected where it had the opposite on his biology where he grew stronger as the disease progressed further. Superman and Cir-El managed to defeat him whereupon LexCorp’s CEO Talia Head took the probe as private property for study. (Superman v2 #198)

At some point, Doctor Sivana had purchased 80,000 shares at LexCorp. He offered to sell them back to Lex Luthor if he gathered information on Captain Marvel for him wth the two coming to a deal atop LexCorp Tower. (Superman/Shazam: First Thunder v1 #2)

One of creations of LexCorp under the direction of Lex Luthor was the creation of the Science Spire as a symbol of technological achievement. (Lex Luthor: Man of Steel v1 #1) He had numerous meetings at LexCorp in order to settle a dispute with the unions that were delaying the construction on the building. (Lex Luthor: Man of Steel v1 #2)

During his run for the presidency, Lex Luthor met with Talia Heed and asked her to manage LexCorp for him with her initially refusing before accepting the role. (President Luthor Secret Files and Origins v1 #1) By this point, Talia who served as C.E.O. of LexCorps began to drain all the company's resources and sell its assets leaving Luthor with nothing. (Superman/Batman v1 #6) By the time of Luthors release, the company was facing heavy losses as stock had dropped by 47% in the span of 14 months. This was due to financial irregularities, controversial Metahuman genetic program and losses in its physical holdings. The Board of Directors was expected to meet in order to decide on whether to continue or sell off the company. Lex Luthor intended to retake his company but the Board of Directors tried to oust him and sever ties with him due to his criminal actions. (Action Comics v1 #837) After Luthor was publically acquitted from criminal charges, Lana Lang was appointed as the new CEO of LexCorp. (Superman v1 #654) During this time, the company began to suffer from a decline. (Superman v1 #663) With the company facing potential loss, Lana Lang was forced to agree with a U.S. government contract to produce Kryptonite-based weapons for possible use against Superman. The Man of Steel upon learning this demanded the location of the Kryptonite as he intended to purge the substance from Earth. However, this was a huge loss in an investment of the company with Lang refusing and stating that there were dozens of cache sites that held the mineral. She also threatened to detonate it all if Superman attempted to forcibly take it with him deciding to call her bluff at which point she detonated all the LexCorp Kryptonite. This left to microscopic Kryptonite coated in the atmosphere which made it had become poisonous to all Kryptonians though Hiro Okamura managed to use nanite machines to clean the substance from Earth's atmosphere. However, in the aftermath, Superman was noted to had held a tense relationship with his old friend Lana Lang. (Superman/Batman v1 #49)

At some point, it was known that LexCorp had acquired Sivana Industries along with much of its equipment. (Outsiders v3 #3) The reformed Fearsome Five were noted to had struck various branches of LexCorp across the country whilst they worked for Dr. Sivana. (Outsiders v3 #13)

Lex Luthor secretly used LexCorp to initiate operation: false god tasked with defaming Superman by helping create a Superman cult that intended to murder Lois Lane. This was because they believed that it was sacrilege that she married Clark Kent and had not mated with Superman. After the cult was apprehended, LexCorp covered its tracks to prevent any links to its involvement in the incident. (Superman/Batman v1 #73)

During Superman's battle with Atlas, Lana deployed a LexCorp security unit to aid him in the battle. However, a contractual clause in her contract came into effect as all LexCorp employment charters prevented were forbidden from aiding Superman. Thus, Lang was dismissed from her position as the head of LexCorp for her aiding the Man of Steel. (Superman v1 #679)


Following the Flashpoint, a new version of history was created with a different series of events.

After the crisis with the Crime Syndicate of Amerika was resolved, Lex Luthor decided to change his ways as he felt that there were greater threats to the world and looked to forge ties to the Justice League. This saw him announce a joint partnership between LexCorp with Wayne Enterprises. In reality, Luthor had agreed to this transparent show of his secret facilities in an effort to show his honesty and for the heroes to accept him on the Justice League. LexCorp then came under attack from the supervillain Neutron who had been hired to murder Lex Luthor but during the attack he broke a crucial sealed canister within a private laboratory thus releasing the deadly Amazo Virus into the world. (Justice League v2 #35)

The Ministry of Self-Reliance's Dr. Omen utilised Luthor's LexCorp technology for the empowerment of their Super-Man, Kenan Kong. (New Super-Man v1 #9)

LexCorp managed to acquire the centuries old artefact known as The Ox Horse Door Rings that were actually a doorway into Diyu (Hell). Luthor determined that this was a realm of energy that could be tapped but was unable to open it. He determined that the new Chinese Super-Man had the potential to do so and brought him to Metropolis to open the doorway. This brought them into conflict with the China White Triad and their gang of Metahumans. (New Super-Man v1 #9)

After Lex Luthor refused to join their board, the Ninth Circle conducted a targeted campaign against LexCorp where they released the dark secrets held by its employees causing many of them to attempt suicide. (Green Arrow v6 #28) The Machinist made use of proprietary LexCorp technology in order to use his mind ticks to take control of people in various countries to destabilise those regions. (Action Comics v1 #985) LexCorp later faced charges of industrial espionage for attempting to steal Metagene research from Wayne Enterprises. At the time, the company was also engaged in attempting to buy out Wayne's company. (Doomsday Clock v1 #2) Lex Luthor came to dissolve his company where he gave away both his fortune and scientific achievements to those he felt deserved it as he ushered in the Year of the Villain. (Justice League v4 #25)


It was held as being the third largest conglomerate on Earth. (Superman/Shazam: First Thunder v1 #2) LexCorp had an interest in virtually every business that was based in Metropolis. (The Man of Steel v1 #4) The company typically maintained a strict fire safety standards. (Superman: Man of Tomorrow v1 #8)

One of its later departments was entertainment and culture division. (Jimmy Olsen v1 #1) It was noted to hold a robotics division. (Superman v2 #31)

Notable branches of the company include:

  • Luthor Communications (LexCom) :
  • Luthor Enterprises :
  • Luthor Financial :
  • Luthor Agriculture :
  • Luthor Foundation :
  • LexAir : a service that provided jets for public transportation. (Superman v2 #68)
  • LexSpace : a space division responsible for launching satellites that played fast and loose when compared to NASA. (Action Comics v2 #23.3)
  • LexCare : one of their facilities was Sunnyside. (Superman: Man of Tomorrow v1 #1)
  • LexMart : a chain of convenience stores. (Superman v1 #668)
  • LexCon : powered three fourth of Metropolis and the borough with it operating a number of power stations which were largely automated. (Superwoman v1 #3)
  • LexGuard : a security force from the company that consisted of the worst of the worst that were hired out to keep watch over prisons but were noted for their brutal and sadistic acts. (Superwoman v1 #3)
  • LexPharma : a pharmaceutical company under LexCorp. (Green Arrow v6 #28)
  • LexPress :
  • L.N.N. : a cable news organization owned by LexCorp that was noted for being the second 24-hour news channel to hit the airways. (Outsiders v3 #13)
  • Luthor Pharmaceutical : a branch of the company that had created a patent-protected opiate that was priced at $600 a dose. (Batman Secret Files v1 #1)
  • Kellacor : a Nevada-based wholly owned subsidiary which was the fourth largest producer of microchip processors in North America. (Outsiders v3 #13)

LexCorp also maintained something unofficially called the acquisitions department that consisted of paid specialists sent to scour the world for artifacts that were useful for the company's head in his war against Superman. (JLA v1 #11)

It was at the cutting edge of tech, pharmaceuticals, weaponry, agriculture and other areas. (Green Arrow v6 #28) The company invested heavily in astronomical study though this was not shown in its annual reports. (Superman/Batman v1 #30)

Among its various products include:

  • Lexicon : a home voice assistant that listened to the voice of the user and spoke to them. These machines had eight microphones along with a small camera thus allowing them to observe their owner who kept them in their homes. Similar to other voice assistants, they were easily hackable. The machines were noted to had outcompeted their rival at WayneTech. (The Batman's Grave v1 #3)
  • Project High Frontier : in an attempt to get the jump on NASA, Luthor funded a secret program to bioengineer astronauts for deep space exploration. (Superman: Man of Tomorrow v1 #8)
  • Y2Kompliance : a computer software program that LexCorp was fielding prior to the year 2000. (Superman: Y2K v1 #1)
  • Lex-88 : a model of mobile phone. (Solomon Grundy v1 #1)
  • LexCorp 120 : one of the latest model of cameras produced by the company. (Justice League of America's Vibe v1 #1)
  • Metallo : a new alloy that was claimed to the strongest metal in the world that had unique properties which could only be activated by an incredible amount of radiation. However, once activated, its strengths were shown where it was light as aluminium and twice as strong as steel. LexCorp used it in the construction of a remote controlled exoskeleton system. (Superman: Secret Origin v1 #3)
  • Everyman Project : through a Metagene strain, a subjects body had their DNA rewritten to give them temporary superpowers. (52 v1 #8)
  • Gaemytal : a highly experimental truth serum that was as close as modern chemistry was possible in synthesising the atomic structure of Wonder Woman's Lasso. (52 v1 #34)
  • Intelligent Listening Engine : the LexCorp Isopod where chambers that a person was suspended in liquid with minimum clothing and a breather unit whilst their pneurons were bombarded with data from around the world on a particular subject matter accessed across databases. It had the danger of driving a person mad and had not been tested on humans. (Action Comics v1 #890)
  • Sea-Tracker : the company's next generation of Remote Operated Vehicles (R.O.V.s) which used advanced sensor technology and analytic control circuits for pilots to operate the multi-legged machine for months as it searched the ocean floor for oil deposits as well as fossil fuels. (Superman's Nemesis: Lex Luthor v1 #1)
  • X-27 Lex-Wing : a new airplane model that was intended for testing. (World's Finest v3 #8)
  • Project Replica : a project that created Bizarro but unable to control the creation led to it being buried in the ice in the Antarctic. (Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman: Trinity v1 #1)
  • Andromeda Project : a series of space shuttle launches designed to ship high-tech gear and information to a primitive world named Lexor who were being indoctrinated to believe Lex Luthor was a Messiah to protect them from Superman. (Superman/Batman v1 #74)
  • Gestalt : a flying battleship created by Lex Luthor. (Superwoman v1 #5)

LexCorp had developed its own proprietary superconductor technology that emitted unique energy signature. (Action Comics v1 #985) Similar to other industrial colossus's, LexCorp made serious money in the field of producing spare parts. Proprietary components were used to replace parts that broke. (A. Bizarro v1 #1) Through one of its financial services, it offered credit to members who could purchase items on Platinum LexCards. (Superman's Nemesis: Lex Luthor v1 #3) Another creation were LexCoins that were a supposedly anonymous cryptocurrency. (Green Arrow v6 #29)

A public relations exercise that the company employed was the LexCorp lottery where Lex Luthor chose a handful of people from the masses at his gates for a job in the company. This was believed by many to secure jobs and ensure that as employees they had a future where they could earn money. However, there were reports that many of those that took part of the lottery disappeared and were never seen again. (Superman: Secret Origin v1 #4) The company had an annual championship match event which was the Luthor Foundation Celebrity Racquetball Tournament where losers donated thousands of dollars to charity. (Superman's Nemesis: Lex Luthor v1 #1)

LexCorp security was noted to be cutting edge with it being designed by Lex Luthor himself. (World's Finest v3 #8) It had its own private army that was equipped to deal with Metahuman threats. (Superman: The Coming of the Supermen v1 #1)

Among its facilities included LexPark that was a LexCorp research and development facility where Luthor also stored various prototype versions of his super-suit. It also maintained the LexHotel in Metropolis that was a place for travellers and visitors to stay. (New Super-Man v1 #9) A further facility was the LexCorp Quantum Beastiary that was operated by the company. (JSA vs. Kobra v1 #2) It maintained the Luthor Lone Star launch facility that was America's first private commercial airport. (Blue Beetle v8 #18)


  • Lex Luthor :
  • Mercy Graves :
  • Otis :
  • Sydney Happersen : a black haired mustached male scientist that operated as a scientist on Luthors top projects. (Superman v2 #2)
  • Amanda McCoy :
  • Caroline Abernathy : a red haired woman who was on the company's board of directors and conducted tasks for Lex Luthor. (Superman v2 #31)
  • Sebastien Mallory : male who was the company fastest rising junior executive. (Jimmy Olsen v1 #1)
  • Albert M. Beezer : (A. Bizarro v1 #1)
  • Gretchen Kelley : a female doctor that was employed by LexCorp. (Superman v2 #2) (Action Comics v1 #700)
  • Sasha Green :
  • Amanda Marie McCoy : a brilliant female computer scientist who discovered Lana Lang being at the scene when Superman appeared in Metropolis. (Superman v2 #2)
  • George Markham : a male member of the LexCorp Board of Directors who was expelled and arrested after he conspired to murder Lex Luthor II by hiring the supervillain Hellgrammite for the job. (Newstime: The Life and Death of the Man of Steel v1 #1)
  • Irene Diego : (Superman's Nemesis: Lex Luthor v1 #2)
  • Axel Granite :
  • Finch :
  • Spalding :
  • Micah Flint : a male volunteer who took part in the secret Project High Frontier program but an impatient Lex became impatient and lax with safety standards causing Flint to be transformed into a rock-skinned superhuman being who vowed revenge against Luthor as the supervillain Rock. (Superman: Man of Tomorrow v1 #8)
  • Contessa Erica Alexandra del Portenza : a Italian woman who was a major stockholder in the company who later took over LexCorp to become its C.E.O. following Lex Luthor being publically discredited. (Superman: Man of Tomorrow v1 #1)
  • Armen Ikarus : a male research pathologist, Doctor Ikarus worked for LexCorp when he was exposed to the Amazo Virus with him being a living incubator of the disease as Patient Zero and had the ability to replicate any Metahuman power he encountered. (Justice League v2 #37)
  • Leonard Snart : the supervillain known as Captain Cold was offered the role of head of security at LexCorp in the wake of the battle with the Crime Syndicate. (Justice League v2 #35)


  • LexCorp was created by John Byrne where it made its first appearance in Superman v2 #2 (February, 1987).
  • It received an entry in Who's Who in the DC Universe v1 #11 (1991) that detailed its founding and origins as an aerospace engineering company.
  • According to The Superman Files (2013), it was estimated that LexCorp either directly or indirectly employed nearly two-thirds of Metropolis' population of 11 million people, dominating commerce around much of the world. Among those many subsidiaries are such diverse businesses as Advanced Research Laboratories, Secur-Corp Armored Car Service, North American Robotics, Hell's Gate Disposal Services, and the Good Foods Group, owners of Ralli's Family Restaurants and the Koul-Brau Breweries. LexCorps major subsidiary companies include LexComp, LexChemical, LexEl Investments, LexMart, LexComm, FedLex, LexOil, LexAir, and TelLex.

Alternate Versions

  • In Superman/Batman v1 #61 (2009), an alternate version of the company was shown in the setting of Mash-Up that was set on a dream world created by Doctor Destiny. This version saw characters from Earth being fused into one entity with this seeing Lex Luthor mixed with the Joker creating Lex Joker who owned the business empire called JokerCorp.
  • In Superman/Batman Annual v1 #4 (2010), LexCorp was shown to exist in the world set in Batman Beyond. It was shown that in the years that Superman had been under Starro's control that Lex Luthor's company had corrupted Metropolis with his influence.
  • In Smallville Season 11 v1 (2012), LexCorp appeared in the setting that followed the continuity of the Smallville television series. Once more under the control of Lex Luthor, he attempted to cover up the death of his sister Tess Mercer claiming to be mourning her death. He had the company involved in the creation of the Guardian Defense Platforms that were to be deployed in Earth's orbit with the stated purpose being to protect the planet from invaders.

In other media


  • In Superman, LexCorp appeared in the setting of the 1988 Ruby-Spears animated television series. It was shown as being the developer of a automated tank and drone for use in warfare which Luthor remotely used to steal documentation on Operation: Nugget though the vehicle was destroyed by Superman though he lacked evidence to show that Lex was responsible for the act.
  • In the DC Animated Universe, LexCorp made a number of appearances in the shared animated setting.
    • In Superman: The Animated Series, LexCorp featured in the shared continuity of the DC Animated Universe. It was first mentioned in the pilot episode "The Last Son of Krypton" where its head was Lex Luthor. Among its products was the Lexo-Skel Suit 5000 that was a new generation of war machine that was later stolen by John Corben. In "Ghost in the Machine", one of their products was the Sky Sentry that was a magnetic weapon platform designed to knock out weapons technology with it being developed at the company's Sector 6 Research and Development wing. In "World's Finest", one of their products made jointly with Wayne Enterprises was the Wayne/Lex T-7 probes. In the episode "Prototype", the company constructed the LexCorp Police Battlesuit with the Series Alpha being developed by John Henry Irons for use by the Metropolis Special Crimes Unit. S.C.U. officer Corey Mills was selected to utilize the suit that gave him super-strength, flight and built-in weapons but a neural link bonded him to the armor causing him to become mentally unstable. Despite the advice from John Henry Irons, Luthor refused to recall the suit and Mills later went violently rogue attacking everyone until Superman disassembled the armor.
    • In Justice League, LexCorp was shown in a number of episodes set in the DC Animated Universe. In "Injustice for All", Luthor was caught and convicted for his numerous criminal activities. In "Tabula Rasa", it was shown that after Luthor's imprisonment that Mercy Graves became the new CEO of the company. She was forced to fire a number of staff such as Anthony Ivo and raised stock by 38%. In "A Better World", Luthor had regained his position a head of his company after being pardoned for his crimes by the President for his aid against the Justice Lords.
  • In Smallville, the company initially did not appear but instead there was LuthorCorp that was headed by Lionel Luthor. LexCorp was partly created when Lionel had closed down LuthorCorp Plant Number Three with Lez making his own business to employ the thousands of former employees that became jobless with the closing of the plant. He led a successful employee-led buyout to convert the plant into LexCorp using the combination of capital raised by the former employees and Lex's mothers shares at LuthorCorp.
  • In The Batman, LexCorp was shown in the episode "The Batman/Superman Story" with it being said to have a Gotham division. Lex had built an army of robots that he planned to use to take over the world.
  • In Young Justice, LexCorp made a number of appearances in the animated series. It partnered with the Reach to produce new food as part of its initiative at LexCorp Farms. The project involved genetic engineering of food by the farms with this secretly being used to make humanity docile through the use of an additive.
  • In Supergirl, LexCorp featured in the live-action television series second season set in the Arrowverse where it was created by Lex Luthor. However, when Lex Luthor became a supervillain, ownership of the company fell to his sister Lena Luthor who broke ties with her brother. She moved to National City where she renamed the company LuthorCorp.
  • In Powerless, LexCorp was briefly shown in the live-action comedy television series with the product of theirs being Wear-Bag that Wayne Security attempted to copy.


  • In Superman, a business by the name of Lex Luthor Incorporated made an appearance in the 1978 live-action film where it was managed by Lex Luthor. It was shown as being a property development company that was used to buy seemingly worthless acres of desert land that Luthor intended to give him a profit by flooding the West Coast.
  • In Superman: Brainiac Attacks!, LexCorp made an appearance in the animated film. They were headed by Lex Luthor and had created the Lex 9000 satellite.
  • In Superman: Doomsday, the company featured in the animated film with Lex Luthor in charge with the business being involved in numerous scientific developments though its head had these progresses slowed down in order to gain more money through prolonged treatments instead of cures. One of its secret programs was Project: Applecore that was an illegal mining operation designed to find sources of energy. Their drilling operation uncovered a crashed alien spaceship that was actually a prison cell for the living weapon known as Doomsday. LexCorp personnel would accidently end up breaking the cell of the ship causing the alien to go on a rampage towards Metropolis. To hide his involvement in the matter, Luthor had Mercy Graves clean up any trace of Project: Applecore. LexCorp facilities were later used by Luthor to grow genetic clones of Superman after his supposed death at the hands of Doomsday.
  • In Justice League: Doom, LexCorp was only mentioned in the background where Vandal Savage said he had paid a considerable sum of money for a data device from the company. This machine was used to tap into information in the Batcomputer in the Batcave that Mirror Master deployed in order to find weaknesses on the various members of the Justice League.
  • In Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League vs. Bizarro League, LexCorp tower was shown to come under attack from Bizarro who entered Luthor's underground science. Once there, he stole the duplicator ray that Luthor had created and used it on the Justice League to create Bizarro clones of them.
  • In Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, LexCorp was featured as part of the setting in the live-action movie. Its CEO was Alexander 'Lex' Luthor whose father created the company. The company was involved in developing experimental weapons and Lex sought to develop weapons to kill Superman.
  • In The Death of Superman, LexCorp appeared in the setting of the 2018 animated film. It was under the control of Lex Luthor even though he faced charges for his actions as a supervillain. Despite being under house arrest, Luthor used the resources of his company in an attempt to eliminate Superman. This involved a secret laboratory whereby genetic experiments were made in producing a weapon to fight Superman. In addition, LexCorp kept surveillance for the arrival of any further extraterrestrial arrivals onto Earth's surface.
  • In Reign of the Supermen, LexCorp appeared in the setting of the 2019 animated film sequel. Using its resources, Luthor managed to create a clone of Superman that had Lex's genetic material added with him being made as a replacement hero after the Man of Steel was killed by Doomsday. However, the clone was a young juvenile leading to people referring to him as Superboy much to his annoyance.
  • In Batman: Hush, LexCorp briefly appeared in the setting of the 2019 animated film. Batman approached Lex Luthor about LexCorp research that allowed for the growing of chemicals that could be used to grow plants rapidly at any site with this having been stolen by Poison Ivy. Luthor managed to uncover the data needed which the Dark Knight used to track down Poison Ivy.

Video games

  • In Superman: Shadow of Apokolips, LexCorp was shown in the video-game set in the DC Animated Universe. It was one of the few sites that were not struck by the Inter-Bots leading to Clark Kent and Lois Lane to investigate the LexLabs facility. During their investigation, the building was attacked by Inter-Bots that utilized Boom Tubes to attack the facility.
  • In DC Universe Online, LexCorp featured in the setting of the MMORPG where it served as a supporting faction in the villain side. A Collection item included two products of LexComm which were the LexComm Aerphone and the Thundercloud Touchphone.
  • In DC Comics Legends, LexCorp was referenced in the iOS video game. LexCorp satellites had detected an army of Manhunter robots heading towards Earth.
  • In DC: Unchained, LexCorp was referenced in the setting of the mobile video game. It was said that the company had subsidiaries that operated on the science enclave of Oolong Island.


  • In Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, a viral website in connection to the movie introduced the Lex/OS that was a learning neural network that developed from human interaction. After the movie, the website revealed that the company distanced itself from Lex Luthor due to his actions leading to them shutting down global operations.


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