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Tron is a male film character that features in Tron.



TRON-JA-307020 was a male prototype program created by ENCOM programmer Alan Bradley under the username Alan-One who made a self-monitoring security program in January 1980. Upon his formation, he came to inhabit the digital frontier of the Grid until work on the Tron system was suspended in 1982 despite it being nearing completion. Alan's access to the system and ENCOMP computers was stopped as a precaution against a hacker that was really Kevin Flynn. Within the Grid, the Master Control Program came into power and through his minion Sark he managed to capture Tron who was forced to play gladiatorial matches in the Game Grid. Tron came to win in matches against four enemy programs where he developed reputation of being a program that fought for the users.


After the defeat of the Master Control Program, Kevin Flynn came to copy Tron from the ENCOM server with the intention of putting him within a new version of the Grid. This new digital universe was created to be a safe haven for programs with Tron being charged with their protection. To aid him, Flynn created CLU 2 to aid in the oversight of the maintenance of the Grid with this being the state of events for sometime. One day, Tron went to escort Flynn to the portal into the real world when they were ambushed by CLU 2 and his Black Guards. To save Kevin, Tron battled in order to give Flynn a chance to escape but he ultimately lost the fight against CLU 2. It was believed that Tron was killed but in reality he was captured and repurposed by CLU 2 who transformed him into his enforcer named Rinzler. In this role, he would be sent to participate in the Disc Wars that were played as entertainment for the masses and for CLU 2 himself.


Personality and attributes

After being reprogrammed by CLU, he was given a new identity as his enforcer where he was given the name of Rinzler.

Powers and abilities

After becoming Rinzler, his Identity Disc became a fusion of two discs that separate to form a matched pair that he can use in a fight.


  • Tron was portrayed by actor Bruce Boxleitner where he featured in the setting of Tron.
  • Rinzler was named after Lucasfilm Executive Editor, Jonathan W. Rinzler author of several books including The Making of Star Wars, The Complete Making of Indiana Jones, and Making of The Empire Strikes Back.

In other media


  • In Tron: Uprising, Tron appeared in the setting of the 2012 animated television series where he was voiced by actor Bruce Boxleitner.

Video games

  • In Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, Rinzler appeared as an antagonist in the setting of the video game.


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