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The three Grigori of the True Cross Order.

The True Cross Order is an organization that features in Blue Exorcist.



It had existed for around 2,000 years where it had protected Assiah from the demons of Gehenna. At some point, they encountered the demon Mephisto Phelles who desired to live in the human world and aid the Order. As such, he was made a member of the Knights of the True Cross and placed as the head of True Cross Academy where they learnt a great number of secrets in combating the forces of Gehenna.

The Order would come to suspect a secret satanic plot made by Father Shiro Fujimoto and the demon Sir Mephisto Phelles. As a result, they dispatched a number of spies into True Cross Academy among which included Shura Kirigakure who infiltrated the cram school. She was ordered that if indeed the plot involved satanic activity than she was charged with eliminating it.


Hierarchy of the Knights of the True Cross.

Leadership of the True Cross was held by three individuals known as the Grigori that were the highest authority within the organisation. These individuals were also known as the three sages who served as advisors to the True Cross. A high rank within the Vatican included members of the Order that wee tasked as Inspectors who watched for sign of heretical demonic activity among the True Cross members themselves.

Under Vatican law, it was forbidden for any experiments into Artificial Life with the ones responsible arrested and taken to trial.

Great Cells were detention facilities within the Order's stronghold that were completely sealed and allowed their members to interrogate or kill a captive without being interrupted. These chambers could only be opened by a senior exorcist who with a simple gesture were able to open the doorways into the rooms. In the Vatican itself, there resided the lower level dungeons known as Cocutos that was used to imprison heretics and criminals. They also maintained the deep vaults of Saishinbu at the True Cross Academy that was used to store the most dangerous of relics.


  • Shiro Fujimoto : a Father who was the former Paladin of the Order and was the adoptive parent of Rin Okumara as well as Yukio Okumara.


  • The motto of the True Cross Order is Bellum Fatum Vita Mori, which translates to "war and fate, life and death."


  • Blue Exorcist:

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