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The Undine were a Demon race that featured in Primal.


The Undine were an aquatic race native to the beautiful world of Aquis in the realms of Oblivion. They appeared as blue skinned fish like creatures with long graceful bodies. They possessed no feet but a long tail with two fins in the middle part of their body along with two hands with membranes beneath the elbow. Their origins meant that they were incapable of living in an environment without water and died from suffocation if exposed to open air. To communicate, they were abe to speak through telepathy.

They were noted as servants of Order and were part of the factions of good. A resourceful, intelligent and cultured people; their race came under the subtle influence of Chaos which threatened to weaken Arella. Furthermore, they made use of extensive technology on order to survive on their world which included vast machines that filtered the water that they lived in. This was because the waters of Aquis were naturally poisonous to the Undine though the lagoons themselves were safe which allowed the race to flourish as well as place machines to filter the water. A contagion, however, was introduced which began to spread through the filtration system and slowly began to poison the Undine people.

They were ruled by a Queen known as Aino who's rule ended when her people suffered from a terrible malady that affected both the mind and the body. Aino herself did not suffer from the disease and became subject of a witch hunt by her people who placed her in a machine that served as her prison until the time of her sacrifice to appease the Leviathans, the Gods of the Sea. She accepted this decision of her husband, King Adaro who decreed that Aino would serve her people through the ritual sacrifice.

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