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Unique Mageries was a small book of spells written by the wizard Nezram "Worldwalker" around 700 years before the present of Toril. It was left behind when he disappeared to another plane, and stolen by the green dragon Chathuuladroth. Unique Mageries remained in his hoard for around 600 years, until Chathuuladroth was slain by the adventurers known as the Black Gauntlet.

The party's wizard, Quarra, rented the book to the wizard Elminster, who copied its contents. This was fortunate, since the book disappeared when the Black Gauntlet disbanded some time later.


Unique Mageries contains four unique spells- wall of sand, Nezram's ruby ray, spelltrap, and spellstrike. It also contains 17 more standard spells- magic missile, stinking cloud, wizard lock, dispel magic, feign death, gust of wind, infravision, tongues, water breathing, fear, fumble, polymorph self, remove curse, wizard eye, telekinesis, anti-magic shell, and power word blind.

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