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The Beast is a creature that featured in the SyFy movie Unearthed.

Unearthed Beast

The origin of the creature was unknown though it was speculated that it was an alien construct sent by an advanced civilization as a probe in order to gather genetic data. It accomplished this feat by the use of various chambers within its body that were capable of storing DNA with it possessing plant bio-matter that was extinct in later years. As such, the beast was a curious product of unnatural evolution as its DNA contained elements of all five kingdoms that existed within nature. It existed in a region of the Earth known as New Mexico in the lands of the Anasazi who were a tribe of humans that claimed that the beast came from the sky and believed it to be a god leading to a period of worship of the entity. A strange occurence was that the beast lived in peace for sometime until around 900 years ago when it suddenly turned against the Anasazi with later speculation leading to the conclusion that some form of survival mechanism was triggered. The creature later attacked and killed a large number of the Anasazi tribe, nearly wiping them out until a few of their number had created a poison from the extract of the Sunami plant to stop the beast which put it into a state of suspended animation. This worked when the creature's skin developed some sort of compound that bonded with the cell protein in order to create a substance that acted as a protective vest. Once poisoned, the animal was imprisoned in an underground cave to serve as its tomb and a series of petroglyphs were drawn on the walls to tell of the story of the struggle. This event was completely forgotten by human civilization as it developed over the centuries and by the modern age, it was believed that the Anasazi tribe were killed by a drought. This remained the case for centuries until the 21st century when an archaeological expedition into the Anasazi's past led to an uncovering of the underground tomb and the awakening of the beast. After being awakened from its slumber, the creature began feasting on various cattles in the farmland in the region before moving onto human prey. The creature went on a rampage in the small town in New Mexico where it killed a number of human settlers in the region.

This beast was a humanoid shaped animal with an elongated skull filled with sharp teeth and a long forked tail. One of the offensive biologically based tools at its disposal was the capacity to expell a type of worm-based creature that was ejected from the beasts mouth. These smaller parasites embedded themselves externally to a host by two claw shaped protrusions. It was suspected that these tiny organisms produced some form of paralysis within the host and perhaps acted as some form of pre-digestive system. The purpose of these symbiotic organisms was to liquify the internal organs, bones, genes and other biological matter within the prey. It typically launched these in ambush attacks or to prevent prey from fleeing the beast. This beast did not solely make use of these worm parasites as it also possessed a symbiotic insectoid crab-like creature that was integrated into its chest. When prey was incapacitated, the legs of this symbiote attacked the prey as part of the feasting process. It also served as a defensive tool as it launched from its host in order to attack any potential predator that might bring about a death blow to the creature. In addition, it possessed two forward scythe-like limbs which it used to eviserate its prey in a brutal manner.

This beast was highly resistant to weaponry and injury which made it remarkably resilient. However, a special extract from the Sunami plant mixed with a catalyst involving uranium was capable of creating a poison that was able to kill the beast. This poison had a mixed effect at times as the first use led to the creature entering into a state of suspended animation whilst the second time it was made killed it.

In terms of design, the creature resembles the Xenomorphs from the Aliens franchise.




Note, I do not own or created the above Star Wars art which is the fantastic work of Greg Knight for the development of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed as shown in The Art and Making of The Force Unleashed.
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