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The Vampires are an alien species that feature in the cartoon series Roswell Conspiracies: Aliens, Myths and Legends.



The Lost City of the Vampires was the first colony the race made on the planet Earth before they began to spread worldwide. As time went on, this city would be forgotten and forever lost within the rainforests of South America. Hanek and Intracom would begin burning the rainforests in order to provide farmland for cattle and to find the Lost City though he was never able to find it.

Millenia later, one of the progenitors of the vampire race known as Setaka became infamous among Humanity and was considered a demon with his base being the Sphinx. He and his father Set ruled over Egypt by biting the Pharaohs and turning them into their slaves. Setaka himself would go into stasis awaiting a time when he could bring about his plans for world domination once Humanity had achieved a certain level of technological development.

They would eventually strike a long enemity with the Banshee race along with the Global Alliance.


The Vampires were a snake-like species that spawned the mythology of Vampires on Earth. Like the myths, they were vulnerable to the suns rays which harmed them. In their natural form, the Vampires did not possess legs but a long snake tail which they slithered on. They were capable of discussing their appearance through holographic technology allowing them to easily blend among Humans. They often made use of their tails in combat to capture their enemies.

Certain types of vampires possessed wings which gave them the power of flight though the majority of the race does not have this ability.


They are capable of drinking the blood of other races and the process results in both species becoming a hybrid of one another. Vampires were also quite capable of turning Humans into their willing servant which they used as their servants.

These Vampoids were dull witted creatures that lived only to take orders from their 'master'. The vampoids were capable of surviving within sunlight without any adverse effect. They are immediately noticeable by their paler skin and darker eyes. The use of the vampire's toxin can be used to create an anti-dote to reverse the effects of the transformation.

One case of extreme hybridzation on unknown alien blood of an individual that masqueraded as Walter Logan resulted in the Vampire becoming a deformed being that became insane and became known as the Chubacapra. Another case was with the vampire Valra who hybridized herself with a Banshee and became immune to the effects of sunlight as well as gained the Banshee energy abilities.


Vampires were divided into numerous Families that fought with one another in a constant state in order to gain dominance over one another. They were known to be a paranoid species and were somewhat sensitive to the presence of a Banshee.


  • Hanek
  • Claster Verhooven
  • Devorax aka Chubacapra
  • Ruthven
  • Davos

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