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Variable Dynamics are a business that features in Total Recall 2070.



Variable Dynamics (VariDyn) was a company that specialised in the fields of genetics. The company was once responsible for working in line with the new reproductive practices on Earth that involved genetic screening of newborn offspring to monitor them for signs of deviance or mutations. However, in time, this duty would pass to the Reproductive Selection Board (RSB) though VariDyn claimed that they did provide oversight. In reality, they monitored the RSB for the emergence of special genetic sequences for their own uses. They became involved when Howard Manning and his pregnant wife Andrea Manning came to the RSB where their child was tested. The head of the RSB who was Mr Engle notified Variable Dynamics that the child had a highly rare gene that allowed them to become a great leader and thus sought to acquire the offspring for their own uses. However, RSB employee Pontifex smuggled the child back to his parents and intended to take them to the underground railroad known as the Alliance that sought to relocate families to the Territories for their own safety. This seeming disappearance of the child led to VariDyn sending their employees Shelly and Loran to acquire the child no matter the cost as well as led to a confrontation with the Citizens Protection Bureau. Ultimately, the VariDyn involvement was uncovered leading to an indictment being prepared by the Assessor's Office. (Episode: Baby Lottery)


It was claimed by the corporation that they specialised in the field of genetics and provided oversight to the Reproductive Selection Board. (Episode: Baby Lottery)

Illegal warrior android models were known to be employed by the company on special missions. (Episode: Baby Lottery)


  • Shelly : a male employee who was dispatched to acquire the Manning child's genetic material but was killed by Pontifex when he attempted to steal the actual child. (Episode: Baby Lottery)
  • Loran : female agent who was formerly with the Assessor's Office Special Operations Unit and dispatched to acquire the Manning child. (Episode: Baby Lottery)


  • Total Recall 2070: "Baby Lottery"

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