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Vic Casey was a reporter for Sports World and an old friend of Prince Otwani. He and his cameraman, Fletch, were flown to Tigora by Otwani, ostensibly to do a story on the royal ex-football champ. In reality, Vic was unwittingly playing a role in Otwani's scheme to assassinate his brother, King Jabalani, recording his faux grief at his brother's untimely demise. Afterwards, Vic and Fletch discovered that the Zambouli Shaman Otwani had framed for the assassination was innocent, and Vic, smelling an Emmy, set about to prove this.

Instead, he got himself involved in the affairs of the Queen of the Jungle herself, Sheena, and joined her on her quest to stop Otwani's evil plans to strip-mine Gudjara Mountain and eradicate the Zamboulis. Although Vic was more a hinderance to Sheena throughout her adventures, he did, eventually, save her life when he almost gave his own by plowing his Land Rover into Otwani's killing the wicked prince and stopping him from running Sheena down. Although Vic was mortally wounded in the crash, he was saved thanks to the healing earth.

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