Vladimir Grizzlikof

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Agent Grizzlikof

Vladimir Goudenov Grizzlikof is the chief agent of SHUSH, a large bear. A tall and stocky, no-nonsense, by-the-book individual, Grizzlikof adheres slavishly to SHUSH standard procedure regarding pretty much everything, and has clashed on numerous occasions with the well-meaning but ultimately egotistical Darkwing Duck, whom he feels is a bad influence on SHUSH's agents. However, for all his faults Grizzlikof is, deep down, a good person (or bear, rather), and very loyal to SHUSH, a fact revealed when he went so far as to feign letting Steelbeak persuade him to join FOWL in order to try and destroy the Fiendish Organization of World Larceny from within; even Darkwing has admitted that he likes "Grizz" on at least one occasion, after Grizzlikof had left the room.

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