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Preston Vogel

Preston Vogel was the long-term aide-du-camp of Cyberbiotics CEO Halcyon Renard. Renard valued him for his loyalty and integrity. Renard didn't realize that Vogel also had a streak of ruthlessness in him, and was capable of putting his own interests before those of his employer. In 1995, Vogel, recognizing the decline of Cyberbiotics, made a deal with Fox to sabotage the new, completely automated Fortress Two airship. With Cyberbiotics' demise guaranteed, Vogel would be paid handsomely. He carried out this plan, until Goliath's interference gave Renard a shot at saving his company. Torn between his self-interest and his loyalty to Renard, he chose to help save the air fortress. Vogel confessed his misdeeds afterwards, and, on Goliath's advice, Renard forgave him.

Vogel stood by Renard in his quest to find the Golem. As his superior's health worsened, Vogel took over more of the daily activities of running Cyberbiotics. However, he was much more lax on moral issues than Renard; for example, he hired the mercenaries Jackal and Hyena to destroy gargoyles disrupting construction efforts in Guatemala. When they were defeated, Vogel chose to abandon the project.

Vogel accompanied Renard to see his newborn grandson, Alexander Fox Xanatos, and assisted him in using Fortress Two against Oberon- despite his misgivings over providing any aid to the Xanatos family.

Puck modeled his Owen Burnett persona on Preston Vogel, as he considered him the most "wooden" man on Earth. Vogel didn't seem to take much notice of this.

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