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Cynthia Von Doom with her son in Infamous Iron Man v1 #5.

Cynthia Von Doom is a female comic character that features in Marvel Comics.



The young Cynthia did not accept the persecution that her people had faced and it was rumoured that she practiced witchcraft. One day, her spells either by accident or design drew the attention of the demon Mephisto who sensed her desire to protect her people and avenge the wrongs done to them. Though she resisted, the strong Cynthia succumbed to the demons temptation and gifted power by him. On the night, she decided to seek out revenge against the Baron's men and approached them at a tavern where she used her newfound magic against one of them. The man fell but the magic from the spell fell everyone in the village including the children with Cynthia horrified as she learnt that Mephisto had given her power but no control over it with her distraught at inadvertently killing innocent children. Whilst distracted, a dying guardsmen snuck up and mortally wounded her where the guilt-wrought Cynthia making her way back near her home camp with her dying in the arms of her husband Werner von Doom. Her final words to her husband was to protect their son from the demonic power she had unleashed and Cynthia was buried in an unmarked grave to hide the deaths she had made otherwise the Gypsy tribe was to be a target of revenge. (Marvel Graphic Novel v1 #49)

After observing her son, she tried to stop the Thing from pursuing Victor and attacked him with magic. She was stopped from killing him by the arrival of Victor who had arrived and attacked her as he did not believe that she was truly his mother. Cythia told him that she had been watching him for years and was ashamed of his villainous past but that his turn to being a hero was why she decided to reveal herself. However, Doom would not hear more of this from her and attacked her with Cythia teleporting away. (Infamous Iron Man v1 #5) She later appeared on the Helicarrier to save her captive sedated son from rogue S.H.I.E.L.D. agents that intended to kill him as he was being transported to a prison. She rescued her son and took Victor von Doom to her hidden base in order to recover. (Infamous Iron Man v1 #9) Cynthia later took her son into the Tear that existed outside the Multiverse in order to protect him from capture. (Infamous Iron Man v1 #10)


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She left behind a diary that contained numerous notations on its pages that highlighted her being a mystic of considerable skill. (Marvel Graphic Novel v1 #49)


  • Cynthia Von Doom was created by Gerry Conway and Gene Colan where she made her first appearance in Astonishing Tales v1 #8 (October, 1971).

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