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Stephen Strange in Doctor Strange v4 #2.

Doctor Strange is a male comic superhero who features in Marvel Comics.




Stephen Strange

Their family was noted to had lived on a farm in Nebraska where he lived with his parents and younger brother Victor Strange. (Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme v1 #11) When he was 8 year old, he was at his family home in Nebraska when he faced an encounter with the astral projection of Baron Karl Mordo who had implanted a psychic construct in the child's mind. This resulted in nightmarish demons plaguing him and tormenting him as Mordo had intended to prevent the prophecy that spoke of the boy inheriting the mantle of the Sorcerer Supreme. However, the Ancient One appeared and banished the demons away with him wiping all memory of the incident from the young Stephen's mind. (Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme v1 #85) When he was 11 years old, he tended to an injury to his younger sister Donna where he decided that when he grew up he would become a doctor. (The Order v1 #6)

Whilst studying a sinister gem, a pair of burglars broke into the Sanctum where they intended to make off with valuables. At first, Strange dealt with them but they managed to return during his meditation where they found the gem and disturbed it. This transported them beyond the veil into the Purple Dimension that was ruled by Aggamon who had enslaved the two humans. Strange gave himself up for the captives and engaged in a mystical duel against the ruler of this realm. Though more powerful, the cowardly Aggamon surrendered as he feared his possible death allowing for Strange along with the burglars to return to Earth whereupon the two criminals surrendered themselves after this experience. (Strange Tales v1 #119)

Sorcerer Supreme

In the aftermath, Doctor Strange used aetheric magic to create the Strangers to operate on his behalf in the corporeal world. This included the masked mystical berserker Strange construct whilst the other was the human appearing Vincent Stevens who was a skilled manipulator. (Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme v1 #73)

Doctor Strange

Wounded, in desperation he sought power from the demon Zom just as the Warbound Hiroim uncovered the Sanctum with him defeating the Sakaaran Shadow after which he confronted the Hulk. (World War Hulk v1 #3) The pair battled with their fight taking them into the city whereupon Strange began to lose control to his anger. After nearly killing some bystanders, he faltered allowing for the Hulk to defeat him and leading to his capture. He was then placed alongside the other heroes that had sent the Hulk into space and implanted with Obedience Disks where they were forced to eventually fight each other to the death. (World War Hulk v1 #4) Their captivity ended with the arrival of the Sentry who battled the Green Scar Hulk where the two fought each other until their expended energies led to them reverting to their respective human forms. Afterwards, it was discovered that the Sakaaran Native Miek was the one responsible for the destruction on his home planet that caused the death of the Hulk's wife leading to an end to hostilities. (World War Hulk v1 #5)


The continued threat of the Incursions saw Stephen seeking out greater magic in order to handle the coming crisis. Thus, he travelled to the Lost Lands for access to the Sinner's Market in order to barter his soul for the power to change worlds. After meeting various people, he was led to the Resolute Throne who dealt in degrees of godhood where she dealt in degrees of fifth though Stephen bartered the entirety of his soul for the magic. (New Avengers v3 #14)


Surgeon Supreme

As a result, he resumed his career as a surgeon but continued operating as a superhero. During this time, he fought against the Wrecker whose bar had been enhanced to the point that it could shatter reality itself. Strange battled him and Thunderball where he was nearly killed but ultimately was able to defeat the two supervillains. However, Stephen came no closer to finding out who was responsible for enhancing the weapons of the two criminals and began an investigation into the mastermind behind these new dangerous armaments. (Dr. Strange v1 #2)


Personality and attributes

His younger brother at times was known to had called him Steverino. (Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme v1 #11) At one point, he came to lead the Black Priests and was known to them as the Eye. (New Avengers v3 #27)

He had a number of students over the years including:

  • Rintrah :
  • Casey Kinmont :
  • Zelma Stanton :

Kanna even stated that she had come to love Stephen though did not want to admit it out loud to others. (Doctor Strange v5 #7)

Powers and abilities

Master of the Mystic Arts in Original Sin v1 #3.

Among the spells he could cast included:

  • True Sight : could be used to enchant objects such as glasses allowing a non-magical person to view the mystical that hid their true appearances. (Strange v2 #1)
  • Vanishing Spell : a spell of transference that transported objects to a particular dimension. (Strange v2 #2)
  • Translation Spell : a spell that translated the language of another person to be understandable with this capable of being made on animals. (Doctor Strange v1 #382)
  • Hand of Hoggoth : a dread and deadly spell that created fire that leapt from the hands whereupon the flames transformed into an unstoppable clawed metal hand that gripped onto its targets. (Doctor Strange v2 #43)
  • Protection of Nivalor : a spell that could be used to preserve a persons life. (Doctor Strange v5 #10)
  • Haunted Halls of Hallorenn : a powerful spell that worked for a short time that gave spirits back their mortal forms for a time. It was said to had been cast from a place of purity for goods reasons and was located within a dark grimoire. (Doctor Strange Annual v3 #1)
  • Crimson Crystals of Cyttorak : creating a number of sharp red crystal shards around the user. (Ironheart v1 #8)
  • Cask of Cyttorak : a crimson coated crystalline container that could be used to entrap dangerous magic. (Tarot v1 #1)
  • Bolts of Balthakk :
  • Demons of Denak :
  • Images of Ikonn :
  • Icy Tendrils of Ikthalon :
  • Mists of Munnopor :
  • Obscuring Mists of Valtorr : a spell that could conceal the caster and others from magical or even technology means of tracking them. (Avenging Spider-Man v1 #8)
  • Mist of Hoggoth : a doorway that allowed entry into shadow worlds with the power of Hoggoth creating a narrow path for the caster to follow into other dimensions. (Strange Tales v1 #116)
  • Pentagram of Farallah : a simple but effective teleportation spell that required five people in order to cast it. The caster then spoke the words, "By the fangs of Farallah, we do implore ye grant us passage through thy door." (Avenging Spider-Man v1 #8)
  • Incantation of Oblivion : a powerful spell that only the Living Tribunal could cast at full power which had the ability to shatter worlds. However, even lesser incantation was enough to make a person feel the effects of nothingness of a void or black eternity. (Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme v1 #18)
  • Exile of Sinshoon : a powerful spell that could take all the magic in the world and give it to the user with this being given to Stephen but felt it was too powerful for use even for emergencies and thus he hid it in the souls of his close friends to prevent it from being used as it could devastate the planet. (Doctor Strange v1 #382)

Strange could devolve linear time causing it to move concentrically around people allowing time to slow outside those affected. (Sentry: The Void v1 #1) He could also craft a null space parallel to time and space that was his own creation. He came to use this as a new Sanctum Sanctorum for a time and operated within this space. (Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme v1 #63) He could tap into other realities as alternatives for magical power. This realm of aspects was a plane of magic where every form of mystical force could be embodied such as techno-magic, bio-magic, geo-magic and others. (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme v1 #83)

Wielding the Eye of Agamotto and using astral projection in Doctor Strange Omnibus v1.

After losing ties to the Gaian Aura, Strange sought a new form of magic and learnt it from the Vishanti's library where he became familiar with catastrophe magic. From scrolls, he learnt the mathematics needed to develop the art when the solar system entered the Syzygy where he learnt to manipulate chance, change and probabilities to accomplish his feats. (Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme v1 #80) This changing magic was derived from change and altered coincidence allowing him to transform objects from one state to another such as a gun to a swarm of flies. Though having learnt it, he had not mastered its use and proved difficult to use compared to other magic. It could be used to empower his mystical relics such as the Eye of Agamotto that he could open by sending the power of Syzygy into it. Stephen could surround himself with untapped potential for change that pervaded the world around people. (Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme v1 #81)

For a time, he used a vanishing spell where he caused objects to be sent to an alternate dimension which he presumed was empty. However, it had a single powerful resident named Baroshtok who grew angry at all the objects being displaced into his realm. Thus, an agreement was to be made that no more objects were to be transferred to this dimension with any breach of this pact demanding someone be accountable. The entity was capable of being lenient but when angered he could be forceful and wrathful. (Strange v2 #2) After a further breach in the terms, Baroshtok decided he could no longer trust Strange with the spell and sealed the dimensional bridge between the two realms. (Strange v2 #4)

He once used aetheric energies to craft two personas based on himself to operate in the world with these being the Strangers. One was a masked mystical berserker simply known as Strange and the other had a human-like form called Vincent Stevens who was clever like his creator. (Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme v1 #73)

Strange was taught the art of crafting mystical objects by Eoffren the Dwarf from Nidavaeller. This allowed him to create a number of relics that drew on his own power from the forge. With them, he could craft relics that produced magical effects without him having to recite an incantation. (Doctor Strange v5 #5)

Relics and items available to him included:

  • Serum of the Seraphim : said to be the most potent medicine known to the occult. (Strange Tales v1 #149)
  • Cloak of Levitation :

After defeating the demon Zom, Strange kept the box holding the creature in his possession. In times of desperation, he was capable of taking out the box and evoking the magic to break the bindings in it. He could then ingest the demon and gain the power of Zom giving him incredibly raw magical power. (World War Hulk v1 #3)

For a time, he lost his position as Sorcerer Supreme and sought a new source of magic to supply his depleted power. This involved going to the World Tree Yggdrasill that was an infinite source of magic that was not fully tapped by the Asgardians. After making a trade, the tree gave him more magic than he had ever known or could be contained in his body making him a god of magic. He wielded a wooden staff in this form where he had the power to transmute entire dimensions though there was a mystical cost that needed to be taken by someone or something. (Doctor Strange v1 #383)

Under the tutelage of the Dwarf Eoffren, he managed to craft his own mystical blade that was referred to as the Sword of Strange which Stephen referred to as a scalpel and through a slash could open dimensional portals to any destination. (Doctor Strange v5 #5)

From Eoffren, he came to possess his own forge that he could access at any point and served as his magical laboratory. It contained equipment such as a Faltine Furnace and a Wall of Infinite Elements that could be used to craft other mystical tools. (Doctor Strange v5 #7) He referred to this place as his Sanctum Machina where he could craft artifacts and weapons to fight his enemies. (Dr. Strange v1 #2)


  • Doctor Strange was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko where he made his first appearance in Strange Tales v1 #110 (July, 1963).

Alternate Versions

  • In Guardians of the Galaxy v1 #19 (1991), an alternate version of Stephen Strange was shown in the reality of Earth-691. He was shown to had left Earth during the Martian conquest and left for the planet Lem where by the 31st century he went under the name of the Ancient One. He came to find Krugarr who he trained to be his replacement as the Sorcerer Supreme.
  • In Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme v1 #46 (1992), an alternate version of Stephen Strange was introduced who was an inhabitant of the High Evolutionary's Counter-Earth. This version of Strange followed many of the events of his mainstream counterpart but when the Ancient One was killed by Baron Mordo this Stephen killed the evil sorcerer. Afterwards, he learnt magic from the Ancient Ones scrolls and adopted the name of the Necromancer where he demonstrated less maturity than his counterpart due to having less counsel with his mentor.
  • In Defenders v3 #3 (2005), an alternate version of Doctor Strange was shown as an inhabitant of the Dormammuverse that was designated as Earth-5113. This universe was created by Dormammu of Earth-616 after he claimed the power of Eternity and made a world in his own image. In this reality, Doctor Strange was a bald mystic and loyal follower of Dormammu.
  • In Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man v1 #304 (2018), an alternate version of Doctor Strange was shown in a timeline that branched off in an attempt to stop the Vedomi invasion of Earth. On this Earth, Norman Osborn ruled the world with the planet's superheroes either being killed, detained, worked for him or were in hiding. Strange was part of the resistance with his astral sanctum being used as their headquarters and was protected by the Door of Istorium that only allowed entry to those with good intentions into the place. He came to work alongside with Steve Rogers, Riri Williams and others in seeking to end the Osborn regime.

In other media


  • In Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, Doctor Strange appeared in the animated television series in the episode "Little Superheroes" where he was voiced by actor John Stephenson.
  • In X-Men, Doctor Strange made a cameo appearance in the animated television series in the "Dark Phoenix Saga".
  • In Spider-Man, Doctor Strange made multiple appearances in the 1990s animated television series where he was voiced by actor John Vernon.
  • In The Incredible Hulk, Doctor Strange appeared in the animated television series in the episode "Mind Over Anti-Matter" where he was voiced by actor Maurice LaMarche.


  • In Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange appeared in the 2007 animated film where he was voiced by actor Bryce Johnson. Stephen Strange was shown to had a younger sister named April Strange suffered from a brain tumour that caused painful headaches. To save her, he decided to perform an operation on her but she died during the procedure with Stephen always blaming himself. He then dedicated himself to becoming the best surgeon in the world where he began to only treat patients that profited him or cases that attracted his interest.
  • In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Doctor Strange made a number of appearances in the shared continuity setting.
    • In Doctor Strange, Doctor Stephen Strange appeared in the 2017 live-action film where he was portrayed by actor Benedict Cumberbatch.
    • In Avengers: Infinity War, Doctor Stephen Strange returned in the 2018 live-action film where he was once more portrayed by actor Benedict Cumberbatch.
    • In Avengers: Endgame, Doctor Stephen Strange appeared in the 2019 live-action film where he was again portrayed by actor Benedict Cumberbatch. He was one of the many heroes resurrected when the Avengers went back in time to collect the Infinity Stones and used them to restore the people killed by Thanos.

Video games

  • In Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, Doctor Strange appeared as a playable character in the video game where he was voiced by actor James Horan
  • In Marvel Heroes, Doctor Strange appeared as a playable character in the MMORPG video game where he was voiced by actor Nick Jameson.
  • In Marvel: Contest of Heroes, Doctor Strange became a playable character in the iOS and Android video game.
  • In Marvel: Future Fight, Doctor Strange appeared as a playable character in the iOS and Android video game.



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