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The Sorcerers Supreme in Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme v1 #2.

Sorcerer Supreme is a title that features in Marvel Comics.



It was said that it was not known how many Sorcerer Supremes existed with even the Ancient One not knowing this information. (Doctor Strange v4 #4) The Earth dimension has had several Sorcerer Supremes, including Agamotto (the first), Salome, and most famously, the Ancient One and Doctor Strange. Other dimensions have Sorcerer Supremes as well, such as the alien Tiboro of the Sixth Dimension or the evil Dormammu.

At the dawn of humanity, the Aged Genghis sought knowledge and was gifted this in exchange for him presiding over a contest of sorcery that was to be called once every hundred years to determine the Sorcerer Supreme. (Marvel Graphic Novel v1 #49)

Since the 1500's, a number of Sorcerer Supremes had confronted the Marrakant Hellguard but were incinerated by the entity. (Doctor Strange: The Oath v1 #4) In 1692, Reverend Hiram Shaw served as Sorcerer Supreme who had barred Dormammu from coming to Earth during this era. (X-Men: Hellfire Club v1 #1)

During the Dark Reign, Stephen Strange had been stripped of his position as the Sorcerer Supreme with him seeking out a worthy replacement to take over from him. At the same time, Dormammu who had bonded with Parker Robbin's intended for the Hood to take the title and urged him to quickly claim it before anyone else. (New Avengers) v1 #51)

The Empirikul was a force that had been rampaging through the various dimensions in order to eliminate magic and the various Sorcerer Supremes. Strange stated he had to bury seventeen Sorcerer Supremes each of whom were the greatest magician of their respective dimension. To warn other such sorcerers, Stephen Strange cast a spell of summoning that had not been used in 5,000 years but none answered it. (Doctor Strange v4 #4)


It was held by the most powerful practicioner of the sorcerous arts in a particular dimension. The title can be passed down from a previous Sorcerer Supreme to their student, or can be acquired (in the Earth dimension, at least) in a test of magical skill held by the Vishanti every eon or so.

If a Sorcerer Supreme was ever corrupted, then a special spell known as the Gu Baodao was to be conducted in order to slay them. Performing the spell killed the caster with hellfire consuming their organs thus leading to their death alongside the target. It was designed to be a spell of last resort and only used in the more direst of events. (Doctor Strange Annual v3 #1)


  • Agamotto :
  • Salome :
  • Ancient One :
  • Shanzar : the Sorcerer Supreme of the ‘Strange Universe’ who grew tired of his charges in his dimension and thus destroyed all its inhabitants in order to be more at peace. However, he grew to become lonely at his existence and thus sought new dimensions to escape to where he briefly took possession of the Hulk. (Incredible Hulk v2 #371)
  • Makeen : male Sorcerer of the Vishanti phase XIIDII in the six hundredth and sixteeth Age of Man who died along with Papa Legba by using their living souls to stop Ogoun the Slayer from invading the Earthly realm. (Doctor Voodoo: Avenger of the Supernatural v1 #3) The petrified remains of his body still lay at the doorway to Bondye. (Doctor Voodoo: Avenger of the Supernatural v1 #4)
  • Isaac Newton : a male scientist who had become the Sorcerer Supreme of his era. (Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme v1 #1)
  • Hiram Shaw :
  • Nina : a female Brazilian from the 1950s who was known as the Conjueror and was Sorcerer Supreme in her time. (Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme v1 #4)
  • Kushala : a female Native American who was the Sorcerer Supreme of her era and was also host to a Spirit of Vengeance making her the Demon Rider. (Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme v1 #1)
  • Stephen Strange :
  • Wiccan : male human, Billy Kaplan in the future had become Doctor Strange's successor as the Sorcerer Supreme of his era. (Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme v1 #1)
  • Loki : (Doctor Strange v1 #381)


Alternate Versions

  • In Marvel 3000, in the 31st century of Earth-691, the extraterrestrial Krugarr was Sorcerer Supreme.
  • In Earth X, On Earth-9997, Clea had taken that role after she was corrupted by Loki and slew Doctor Strange's physical body.
  • In What If? Magik v1 #1 (2018), an alternate What If world was shown where Magick was taken in by Doctor Strange to be trained as the next Sorcerer Supreme.

In other media


  • In Doctor Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme was referenced in the live-action film that was set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The first Sorcerer Supreme was Agamotto who created the Masters of the Mystic Arts to defend the world from magical threats. By the modern day, the Ancient One had served as the reigning Sorcerer Supreme until she was killed by Kaecilius under the direction of Mordo.


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