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Vyndktvx from Action Comics v2 #15.

Vyndktvx is an alien supervillain that features in DC.



Vyndktvx was a male member of the race of 5th Dimensional Imps and was native to the Fivefold Country of Zrfff in the 5th Dimension. Once upon an always, he came to serve in the court of King-Thing Brpxz and operated as a magician to the ruler. At this point, Brpxz had lost his wife the Queen and nothing could brighten his mood with none of Vyndktvx's various acts from his black cabinet failing. One day, a young imp by the name of Mister Mxyzptlk arrived and saw the king's mood where he promised to make him smile. Vyndktvx was noted to had sneered at the magician but Mxyzptlk managed to conjure magic that caused Brpxz to smile and feel joy. Afterwards, Mxyzptlk declared his love for the Princess Gsptlnz who reciprocated after he gave her three wishes to wear. This led to the envious one Vyndktvx becoming enraged whereupon he sought to murder Mxyzptlk. In his jealous rage, he stole three sublime weapons of the Chromo-Conflict 2 with these being the Nothingcoat, Imaginator and the million-pointed Multispear. With the Nothingcoat, Vyndktvx snuck into the king's palace in order to kill Mxyzptlk. He saw his targets shadow of his derby hat and struck with the Multispear. Unknown to him, this was actually king Brpxz who was killed with the weapon which saw 230 dying instantly as a result. For regicide, Vyndktvx would be sentenced to eternal imprisonment for the death of the king causing him to lose everything. To save himself, he sought to frame Mxyzptlk and attempted to take control of Zrfff. Mister Mxyzptlk (Action Comics v2 #15)


Personality and attributes

Lord Vyndktvx defeats Krypto in Action Comics v2 #17.

The feedback from the Multispear caused his left arm to be ruined as a result. (Action Comics v2 #15)

The death of king Brpxz at Vyndktvx's own hands led to him losing his sanity. (Action Comics v2 #15)

Powers and abilities

He could conjure a number of feats such as dull formulae, dry abstractions, creaky rules and bony proofs. (Action Comics v2 #15)

From the Fifth Dimension, he stole three sublime weapons of Zrfff that included the Nothingcoat, Imaginator and the million-pointed Multispear. The Multispear was shattered as a result and the Nothingcoat was broken in the promise. (Action Comics v2 #15)


  • Vyndktvx was created by Grant Morrison and Rags Morales where he made his first appearance in Action Comics v2 #1 (November, 2011).


  • Action Comics v2 #1: (2011)

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