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WHIZ Radio is a radio station that features in DC Comics.





Sterling Morris looking to expand the capabilities of the radio station decided to purchase the last operational zeppelin in order for it to be fitted with radio equipment to make it a mobile broadcasting station. Thus, it was the first floating and flying radio station in the history of the world. He also hired retired zeppelin commander Oscar Hugo who had been without a job for 15 years to help operate the vessel. During the maiden voyage of the ship, it came to be stricken with a number of mechanical errors with Captain Hugo claiming it to be the work of gremlins and their leader Zeppy. Ultimately, he blamed himself for the damage caused and seemingly committed suicide by jumping overboard with messages from the gremlins claiming that they destroyed the payroll money. This would have ruined Sterling Morris but Captain Marvel discovered that this was all an elaborate ploy by Oscar Hugo who was in fact alive and had stolen the money where he fabricated the story of the gremlins to allow him to escape with Morris's money. Captured by the hero, Hugo was taken to jail whilst the crew continued operating the Whiz Zep which made a successful maiden flight. (Whiz Comics v1 #143)


Whiz-TV News was at the scene of the death of the supervillain Macro-Man who seemingly died at the hands of the superhero Captain Marvel. During this time, they interviewed Dr. G. Gordon Godfrey who spoke to Gwyneth Tate live on camera about the dangers posed by superheroes to society and used the incident as an example. (Legends v1 #2)


They once maintained their own zeppelin that was known as the Whiz Zep that was completely outfitted with a radio station along with studio and the necessary equipment. A power plant was used to keep it operational and allowed them to broadcast without having to land. It was regarded as the only one of its kind to remain in the world with it inflated with safe helium instead of inflammable oxygen. (Whiz Comics v1 #143)


  • Sterling Morris :
  • Billy Batson :
  • Joan Jameson : a blonde haired woman who after finishing business school left college in order to get a job to earn and applied to WHIZ where she inadvertently discovered Captain Marvel's secret identity with her helping Billy Batson maintain it. (Captain Marvel Adventures v1 #67)
  • Oscar Hugo : a male zeppelin pilot hired by Sterling Morris to pilot the Whiz Zep with Oscar being the last commander of these flying ships where he had been out of a job for 15 years until hired for the task. (Whiz Comics v1 #143)
  • Gwyneth Tate : a red haired woman with glasses who was a reporter for Whiz-Tv News. (Legends v1 #2)


  • WHIZ Radio was created by C.C. Beck and Bill Parker where it made its first appearance in Whiz Comics v1 #2 (February, 1940).


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