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Doctor Sivana is a male comic supervillain who features in Fawcett Comics and DC Comics.




Dr. Sivana in Whiz Comics v1 #68.

Thaddeus Bodog Sivana was a bald headed male scientist who lived in the modern age who was born in the year 1892. (Captain Marvel Adventures v1 #138) In the early part of the century, Sivana was among the most brilliant and promising young scientists in Europe who had ideas that could revolutionise the industry. He sought to improve mankind and help the world but was driven from country to country by the scientific community who called his ideas fake. This left him penniless and broken with him taking his tiny daughter and son away on a rocket ship towards Venus. The experience had made him unstable with Sivana being forced to battle the overwhelming dangers on Venus for long years until his children had grown up with the jungles being tamed. By this point, Doctor Sivana once magnificent mind had become warped with him seeking revenge on Earth for rejecting him. (Whiz Comics v1 #13)

Among his first acts against the world was the use of a radio-silencer to drive away from broadcasters and take them off the air in order to extort fifty million dollars from the commercial broadcasting industry. This led to his first encounter with the superhero called Captain Marvel who destroyed the machine though Sivana himself managed to escape. (Whiz Comics v1 #2) He later established an army to serve him including supersoldiers and advanced weaponry as he declared war on the United States. Captain Marvel intervened and confronted Sivana at his fortress where the villain intended to kill his foe by detonating an atom smasher. However, at that point, his routed army had returned to the base where they blamed their leader for their defeat at which point the warhead detonating seemingly killing them all as Captain Marvel escaped from the explosion. (Whiz Comics v1 #3)

One of his schemes involved creating a circus that was populated by the various prehistoric animals of Venus that he shipped to Earth where he hoped to become incredibly wealthy from showcasing the creatures. The plan was thwarted when Captain Marvel arrived at the scene who stopped the animals when the escaped their cages leading to Sivana fleeing back to Venus rather than face capture. (Whiz Comics v1 #6)

In his effort to perfect man, Sivana sought to combine many animal traits into a single form leading to the creation of the Beast-Ruler. However, the humanoid being developed a hatred for humans and rebelled against Sivana forcing him to call upon Captain Marvel's help to defeat his creation that could control animals. (Captain Marvel Adventures v1 #3)


Through his scientific brilliance, he mesmerised the wizard Shazam and placed him within a deep trance. From the Rock of Eternity, he attacked Metropolis on Earth and fought Superman before escaping back to his Earth. He then sought to harness the magic lightning in order to empower himself in a similar manner as Captain Marvel. When Batson called on the power, his arch-foe similarly transformed where he adopted battled his old enemy. (DC Comics Presents Annual v1 #3)

He was in his laboratory when he was watching the news of Black Adam declaring that he would make an active effort in eliminating evil from the world. Sivana came to wonder where Captain Marvel was during this time whereupon he was attacked and abducted by a mysterious group. (52 v1 #1)

In secret, he was responsible for a number of schemes against various people in the world such as infecting Gorilla City with a plague to force Gorilla Grodd and his apes to attack Washington, D.C. in order to lead to the capture of Lex Luthor by the Joker. This was arranged only as a distraction as LexCorp had taken possession of numerous items of Sivana. Around this time, the new Outsiders began to operate with Sivana came to enjoy to see how his schemes interacted with the heroes. He was then approached by Deathstroke and was invited to the join the Society where he offered his finances and technology to them. Doctor Sivana indirectly also leaked intelligence to the Outsiders to get them to remove rivals whilst he brought others under his wing. (Outsiders v3 #43) This saw him forging an alliance with the Fearsome Five who came to work for him and he aided in resurrecting Shimmer. (Outsiders v3 #12) When they refused to follow his instructions, he murdered Gizmo and told the Five to depart with him warning them that if he ever saw them again then he would eliminate them. (Outsiders v3 #14) Sivana's goals had led to him manipulating the stock market and through the Fearsome Five targeting various LexCorp shell companies he was able to secretly purchase his own tropical island lair. (Outsiders v3 #15) Around this time, he came to work with the Brain and Monsieur Mallah when those two began engaging in genetic experiments with the Metagene taken from various superheroes. Sivana convinced the pair to enter into a business venture with him where they developed clones of heroes to be sold to dictators for a profit. Mallah had intended to use the technology they were developing to form a body for the Brain but they clones created suffered from degeneration that slowly killed them. Despite that, Sivana felt that the venture earnt them a great deal of money allowing them to fund their continued research. This operation was exposed by the covert team of Outsiders with Mallah forced to reveal who their partner was where Sivana attempted to cover his tracks by causing the facility to detonate. (Outsiders v3 #40) He then proceeded with contacting Lois Lane where he provided footage of the Outsiders that were previously thought deceased in an effort to create a scandal over the actions of the superhero team. (Outsiders v3 #41)

He was responsible for goading Gorilla Grodd and Joker against Lex Luthor so that he could reacquire his Luddite invention that was in LexCorp. With it, he intended to remove technology and science from the world in order to place himself under control so that he could guide it. He offered the Outsiders to join him but they refused and destroyed the base but Sivana escaped with the Luddite. (Outsiders v3 #43)

Sivana was later hired by Slade Wilson in building the Methuselah Device alongside Doctor Impossible in an attempt at reviving his son Jericho. (Titans Annual v2 #1)


Following the Flashpoint, a new version of reality was created with a different history of events.

For years, he used science as a means of saving his family but after it failed him he decided to seek out magic. He then dedicated himself to researching the legend of Black Adam and came to learn of a source of great magic centred at a fabled place known as the Rock of Eternity. During this time, a number of mysterious encounters were experienced by people around the world who claimed to had been transported to another place during a surge of lightning. In these encounters, they met a mysterious being who came to dismiss them and send them back to Earth. There were 37 such encounters with Doctor Sivana being brought in as a consultant to examine the events. (Justice League v3 #7)


Personality and attributes

His full name was Thaddeus Bodog Sivana. (Whiz Comics v1 #14)

He considered himself evil but felt that this was a matter of perspective and that ultimately he wanted to save humanity. (Outsiders v3 #43) It was said that his sinister ambition was not only to rule the Earth but the entire universe. (Captain Marvel Adventures v1 #100) He believed that money was power and thus sought to be rich in order to be the most powerful person on the planet. (Whiz Comics v1 #6)

Sivana had a poor opinion of mankind as he believed humans were imperfect creatures. (Captain Marvel Adventures v1 #3) He did not believe magic changed the world but rather that science did and that it was superior to magic. (52 v1 #1)

Powers and abilities

A talent that Sivana had developed was using his advanced intellect to create a formula that allowed him to walk through walls and solid structures. This was achieved by calculating the orbit and timing of each electron and each atom in a sold object. Once done, he could time his own atoms pass through that object though phasing through left a slight amount of his own substance behind creating a ghostly after-image behind. (Whiz Comics v1 #14) He was intelligent enough to empower himself with the magic lightning that briefly turned him into Captain Sivana. In this form, he gained all the abilities from the Elders. (DC Comics Presents Annual v1 #3)

Sivana had made a number of gadgets for his use that included:

  • Fountain of Youth Liquid : a strange chemical that reversed the aging process by thirty years causing anyone that drank it to revert to being a baby. (Whiz Comics v1 #13)
  • Ultra-Frequency Oscillator : a small device that was delicately tuned to the point that it could generate sounds to interfere with spoken words allowing it to cancel the magic word 'Shazam' preventing Billy Batson from transforming into Captain Marvel. (Whiz Comics v1 #15)
  • Paralysing Gas : a gas that did not kill but instead paralyses nerves leaving people stiff in their tracks and unable to move. (Captain Marvel Adventures v1 #3)
  • Laugh Lotion : a spray that caused people to experience constant laughing leaving them weak and unable to react. (Whiz Comics v1 #68)
  • Emotion Emulsion : a chemical that created emotions of anger and hate in even the most kindly and peaceful of souls that were exposed to it. Those that drank it ended up fighting one another but music was shown to be a cure to its effects. (Marvel Family v1 #16)
  • Spider Gun : a gun shaped instrument that shot out a rope of liquid plastic that entangled a target. (Captain Marvel Adventures v1 #100)
  • Time Pills : allowed him to travel into the past but a side effect was losing modern memories for the ones of the past. A single pill was used to go back in time with another being used to return to the modern age. (Captain Marvel Adventures v1 #80)
  • Sivanium : a living metal named after himself that could easily be fashioned into a human shape with it duplicating every organ whereupon the construct could come alive. As such, he could use it to fashion a number of living duplicates of himself. (Captain Marvel Adventures v1 #100)
  • Suspendium : a material that could trap others in suspended animation forever. (Shazam! v1 #1) The substance was synthetic artificially created time. (52 v1 #52)
  • Z : a humanoid robotic fighting machine with superhuman strength able to challenge Captain Marvel but had the appearance of a human being. (Captain Marvel Adventures v1 #1)
  • Radio-Silencer : a device able to silence radio waves thus shutting down all broadcasts in the world. (Whiz Comics v1 #2)
  • Reincarnation Machine : a machine that allowed the user to reincarnate long dead individuals by recreating their atoms that once composed their bodies that reformed within the coffin to bring the person back to life. Throwing the person back into the device was capable of dispersing their bodies again returning them back to their own time. (Captain Marvel Adventures v1 #20)
  • Luddite : a device that acted as a magnetic pulse that caused all technology to be inoperable and also affected people where it reduced their intelligence to the point that they were effectively blank slates with no knowledge on how to operate unless taught all over again. (Outsiders v3 #42)
  • Methuselah Device : a device attributed as being a kind of Fountain of Youth that regenerated human cells on a microscopic level thus restoring lost youth and vitality by temporarily arresting cellular degradation. Exposure to it allowed a person to cheat death indefinitely. (Titans Annual v2 #1)
  • Omnibot : a large humanoid robot that could be piloted and used as an escape vehicle for Sivana. (52 v1 #49)
  • √únternet : a private undetectable worldwide data network exclusive to the superhuman criminal community with it being based on earlier research on the rhodomagnetic spectrum that was fully independent of the electromagnetic. (Action Comics v1 #853)

He had created incubators allowing him to create lifeforms such as the frog-like Glompers of Venus that were a fierce race of amphibian warriors. Even as young, they were noted for being vicious and were said to be killers at heart. The frog-men were said to be used to the steaming jungle climate on Venus. (Whiz Comics v1 #15)

He was the scientist mogul, founder and CEO of Sivana Industries that was one of the four largest conglomerates on Earth. (Superman/Shazam: First Thunder v1 #1)

At one point, he came to claim an asteroid sized moon that came into the Solar System which he named Sivana World that was a monster planet filled with fearsome creatures. (Whiz Comics v1 #154)


  • Doctor Sivana was created by Bill Parker and C. C. Beck where he made his first appearance in Fawcett Comics Whiz Comics v1 #2 (1940) and was introduced into DC Comics in The Power of Shazam! graphic novel (1994).
  • In an interview with Beck, he attributed Parker as being the person who created Sivana whose name came by merging the name of the Indian god Siva with the word Nirvana.

Alternate Versions

  • In Shazam: The New Beginning v1 #1 (April, 1987), Dr. Thaddeus Sivana appeared in the story originally set as Post-Crisis continuity but was retconned as being an alternate world designated as Earth-85. He was the older brother of Billy Batson's mother with Sivana having two children with one being a blonde haired daughter named Beautia and the other being a blonde haired son named Magnificus. It was claimed that after Billy was born that Thaddeus had a falling out with his sister which was why the Sivana's were not known to Batson when he was growing up.

In other media


  • In Batman: The Brave and the Bold, the character appeared as a villain in the episode "The Power of Shazam!" where he was voiced by actor Jim Piddock.
  • In Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles, the character appeared in the web-episode "Bomb" where he was voiced by actor Daniel Hagen. This version of Doctor Sivana was shown as being the National Science Adviser to President Amanda Waller. He advised the deployment of a low-yield nuclear device to destroy the out of control Brainiac that was a government weapon designed to battle their version of Superman.


  • In Justice League: Gods and Monsters, the character had a minor role in the alternate universe setting of the animated film where he was voiced once again by Daniel Hagen. He was shown as being a part of the American government's Project: Fair Play initiative that sought to counter the abilities of the Justice League. After numerous members of the project were killed, the surviving scientists came to believe the Justice League had learnt of Fair Play and were eliminating them due to evidence recovered from the scene. The project members later met at Will Magnus's home to discuss their options when they were attacked by three metallic beings that began killing them. Sivana was among those that were slain by the machines despite Batman's efforts to save them.
  • In Shazam!, Thaddeus Sivana appeared as the main antagonist of the live-action film set in the DC Extended Universe where he was portrayed by actor Mark Strong. His father was shown to had been a rich businessman who owned Sivana Industries and he had an older brother named Sid. He was often bullied by his older brother and talked down to by his father for what was perceived as a childish belief in magic. When he was 14 years old, he was in a car that his father was driving when he was taken to the Rock of Eternity by the wizard Shazam who was looking for a successor to his mantle. Thus, Sivana like most of the children was put through a test which he failed when he succumbed to the temptations of the imprisoned seven deadly sins. He was then banished from the Rock and deemed never to be worthy as he was not pure of heart. He was returned to the car his father was driving he reacted aggressively at being rejected causing his father to lose control and suffer a car accident that led to the man losing the use of his legs. Thaddeus Sivana was blamed for the incident though he became obsessed with finding the Rock of Eternity again after receiving a message from the sins to find them and free them from their imprisonment.

Video games

  • In DC Universe Online, Doctor Sivana appeared in the setting of the MMORPG where he was voiced by actor Matt Hislope.
  • In DC: Unchained, Doctor Sivana appeared in the setting of the mobile video game where he was said to be an enemy of Captain Marvel. He was the head of Sivana Industries and was said to had been a scientist who began to make in-roads into the study of magic. At some point, he came to head the scientific enclave based on Oolong Island with him constructing special helmets that brainwashed humans to serve the forces of Apokolips.


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