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The Walpurgis Royal Academy of Machinart is a school that features in Unbreakable Machine-Dolls series.



The Walpurgis Royal Academy of Machinart was the highest institution of learning of the magical arts. This school was founded when Machinart or machine-magic was in its earliest development. As such, its purpose was the training of Puppeteers in the magic of Machinart that uses Automatons.


The academy's goal was to educate and train skilled Puppeteers as military use of Machinart continued to expand worldwide.

One of the divisions at the Academy included the Machinart Physics Department and the Technology Department. The Disciplinary Committee was one body within the school that sought to enforce the rules and investigate breaches in protocols made by students. It was held as being the lynchpin in the academy's student government.

An entrance exam was held for students that ranked them among the 1236 membership with the lower the number being the lower ranked score. Challenges were allowed among the student body with those defeating a higher ranked student increasing their own ranking. The top hundred students were referred to as the Rounds. Those that reached this ranking were provided a Gauntlet by the Headmaster which contained the students Entry Code embroidered into it and allowed them to take part in the night festivities to become the Wise Man.]

It was location of the Walpurgis Night Festival that was held to crown the Wise Man. Participation was limited to the top 100 pupils and dramatically increased their ranking. These amounted to a series of bloody battles where magi vie for supremacy with a war between puppeteers and Automatons were the weapons that ended only with a single mage left standing. The festival was the culmination of the purpose of the training of Machinart students and identified the students that were the most skilled Puppeteers.



  • Kimberly : female Professor of the Machinart Physics Department.


  • Charlotte Belew :
  • Raishin Akabane :


  • Unbreakable Machine-Dolls:

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