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Wang Jinrei is a male video game character who features in Tekken.



Wang Jinrei (Chinese: 王 惊雷 Pinyin: Wáng Jīngléi; Officially: 王 椋雷 Wáng Liángléi)

He was a once a friend of Jinpachi Mishima who was the father of Heihachi Mishima. Wang watched Heihachi and Kazuya Mishima with great interest as they grew and chose their respective paths of life. Wang remained generous and kind whilst living as a recluse in the Mishima gardens. Wang also tutored Ling Xiaoyu in the martial arts at a young age. Furthermore, Wang Jinrei took Marshall Law on in the first King of Iron Fist Tournament, which ended in a draw. However, Wang loses to Jun Kazama in the second tournament.

Now, Wang tends to the huge number of vegetables in the gardens, finding time to hone his martial arts skill. Every morning at the crack of dawn, he can be seen strolling down the mountains gazing at the clouds. His lithe athletiscism, despite his age, has meant that his inner chi strength is channelled with great purity of spirit, despite his frail bones. His reason for entering the second tournament is to carry out the final wishes of the long-dead Jinpachi. During his life, Jinpachi watched with grief as Heihachi and Kazuya followed the path of evil. He instructed his faithful friend to eliminate both of them when the time was right. Wang theorises that the best way to fulfill this plea is to face all challengers giving way to those adept enough to defeat Kazuya and dispatches those unworthy of his attention. Heihachi will stare into the face of destiny at another time. Wang enters the fifth tournament to find out the authenticity of a letter he received, noting that Jinpachi had come back.

Wang was defeated in The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5 by Jin Kazama, whose purpose was to wipe out the Mishima family's cursed blood. However, the real chaos began when Jin assumed control of the Mishima Financial Group (MFG). Blaming his failure on his indifference, Jinrei lamented his lack of action. Once again, The King of Iron Fist Tournament is held, and with newfound purpose, Wang participates in The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6.


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities

Wang's style is the formidable Xing Yi Quan or Hsing-I Chuan. In accordance with his martial art, Wang's movelist consist mainly of single-hit power attacks, mostly punches, palm strikes, and headbutts. Wang is mainly a defensive character. His moves are slow and linear, and are easily punished when blocked. However, he shines when taking advantage of an opening in an opponents attack. In this situation (called a 'counter-hit') his moves deal a lot of damage and usually launch, knock down, or stun resulting in an air juggle or grounded damage (okizeme). He also has a parry which can end in more launchers or knock-downs. Wang's signature move is the 'Waning Moon' throw which, aside from dealing damage, leaves the opponent back-turned and open to more attacks.


  • Wang Jinrei was created by Namco where he was voiced by actor Tamio Oki until Tekken 5 where he was voiced by actor Hu Qian.


  • Tekken 5:

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