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The Wayne/Lex T-7 was a robot that featured in the DCAU.


The Wayne/Lex T-7 was a joint creation between Wayne Enterprises of Gotham and LexCorp from Metropolis. The aim of the operation was to create a robotic probe for exploration purposes and serve as a useful aid for unmanned space exploration.


The original model of T-7's robots were small six legged insectoid style creatures which had a single head laser. A second larger model was the size of a vehicle and had the same abilities as its smaller cousin but included a small retractable tread based method of locomotion. LexCorp also secretly created a number of military grade T-7's which had gatling machine guns and were even larger which were propelled on four legs. A massive T-7 model was also constructed which had an elongated head and four long pincer arms.

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