Wilma Northrup

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Wilma "Billie" Northrup

Wilma "Billie" Northrup was the unpleasant, verbally abusive wife of English professor Henry Northrup. Wilma, or "Billie" as she insisted everyone call her, considered her husband an academic failure, a "regular barnyard exhibit." To wit, sheep's eyes, chicken guts, piggy friends and shit for brains. Billie openly resented Henry's lifelong friendship with fellow Horlicks professor Dexter Stanley. One August, upon returning home from her "classes" (in reality she has visited several bars), Billie found Henry gone and a note addressed to her, imploring her to come down to Amberson Hall to help with with a situation involving Dexter Stanley.

According to Henry's note, Dexter had lured a young student to the campus under false pretenses and attacked her, and now she was hiding underneath the basement stairs and would not come out. Loving the idea of a scandal that would rid herself of her mousy husband's only friend forever, Wilma drove to the university at Henry's behest. Instead of a guilty Dex and a traumatized young coed, however, what Wilma found was a strange creature living in an old crate under the basement steps, into whose waiting arms her vengeful husband thrust her, with a sneering declaration of, "Just tell it to call you Billie!" Wilma was subsequently devoured by the monster.


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