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"Fluffy" attacking Charlie Gereson.

"Fluffy" was an apelike monster who was captured during an Arctic expedition in 1834 and then shipped in a crate to Horlicks University. Fluffy was subsequently forgotten about for 147 years until its slumber was disturbed by Dexter Stanley and Mike Latimer. After so long asleep, Fluffy woke up hungry and pulled Mike into the crate when he foolishly stuck his hand inside, devouring him. Dessert came in the form of grad student Charlie Gereson.

Fluffy's after-dinner nap was interrupted when Henry Northrup brought his obnoxious wife Wilma to the university to "show her something." That something turned out to be Fluffy, who, annoyed by Wilma, popped out of the crate like a demonic jack-in-the-box, grabbing the horrified woman and partaking of her face quite messily.

Chaining the crate up tight with brand new chains, Henry drove it out to the lake at Ryder's Quarry. He dumped the crate into the water and it sank 70 feet to the bottom, seemingly drowning Fluffy. But a monster that survived for 147 years without food is a difficult creature to kill indeed, and Fluffy eventually escaped his watery grave by tearing through ancient, rotten wood of the crate.


  • Fluffy appeared in The Crate.
  • Although Fluffy is never mentioned by name in the film, this is its more-or-less official name given to it on the set by Tom Savini and his special effects crew.
  • It should also be noted that, in Stephen King's original short story The Crate, Fluffy was a much smaller, more creature described as being vaguely like a vicious weasel or tasmanian devil. This was eventually changed to the more fearsome yeti-like beast seen in the finished film.
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