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A Witcher is a title and being that features in The Witcher series.



Witchers were a type of hunters that were bred to battle the various monsters that inhabited the lands. They came into existence when the first settlers began to colonise the wild lands of Temeria.

By the modern day, the demand for Witcher services became significantly reduced to the rarity of monsters. This left only a few of their kind travelling the world with no further monster slayers being made. During the infamous attack on Kaer Morhen, the fortress was destroyed and the Witchers residing there were mostly killed thus dooming their kind to extinction as no further successors were being trained.


In appearance, Witchers resembled humans though with certain distinct features. Their bodies had actually experienced changes due to mutagenic mushrooms, herbs and other plant stimulants that gave them superhuman speeds and endurance. A more distinct ability was them manifesting cat-like eyes that allowed them to see in the dark. The combination of mutagens and magic meant that their bodies were resistant to all kinds of disease to the point of having an immunity to them.

Witchers were classed as an elite caste of warrior-monks that were tasked with defending humanity from the monsters that lived in the wild. From a young age, apprentices that became Witchers went through pain and dangerous Trial of the Grasses to gain these abilities. To further aid them, they went through training under sorcerers to learn simple combat spells called signs along with developing their craft in magical potions that was used to augment their fighting skills.

Their otherness and unusual abilities along with magical talents meant that Witchers were treated as outcasts and even outright hated by some. Thus, they had a mixed reaction among human communities that needed them yet at the same time feared them due to their mutant nature along with superhuman powers. Rarely were they a welcomed guest and most contact with their kind was limited to business. During any unrest against magic wielders, Witchers often found themselves the target of pogroms and any social upheaval.


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  • Witchers were created by Andrzej Sapkowski and featured in the setting of the Witcher.
  • The term comes from a translation of the word "vedmak"/"wiedźmin" that was a term for a "male witch" in Slavic mythology.

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