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The World Forger in Justice League v4 #21.

The World Forger is a cosmic being who features in DC Comics.



Alpheus was a cosmic being born over twenty billion years ago within the Sixth Dimension of the Multiverse to the celestial superbeing Perpetua. He was one of her three sons with his brothers being Mar Novu the Monitor and Mobius the Anti-Monitor. She had been from the greater Omniverse to cultivate a Multiverse of realm with her birthing her children to watch over a tripartite of realms with each of her offspring being charged over an element of it. The Monitor was charged with the positive-matter universes and the Anti-Monitor was charged over the Anti-Matter Universe whilst Alpheus was the custodian of the Dark Multiverse that underlay all of it. (Justice League v4 #22)

After approaching the Anti-Monitor, they came to find that his brother had come to ally with them against Perpetua. When she came to recruit Mobius, the three brothers attacked their mother in order to stop her vile schemes but individually they could not stop her. However, after being empowered by Starman, they gained the needed energy to merge into the Ultra-Monitor where they battled against Perpetua. (Justice League v4 #33)

The Anti-Monitor then was dispatched to hunt down Kendra Saunders to remove her wings as they were a means of creating a Totality force. Whilst pursuing her, he was struck by John Stewart in a special vehicle with the force of the impact splitting Mobius from his brothers. In desperation, he called forth to his mother for aid and she responded by throwing Earth-44 at their location in order to destroy all her enemies. To save his comrades, the World Forger decided to use his hammer to hit the planetoid at a precise moment and use that energy to open a portal for his allies to escape. The process meant that the World Forger had to remain behind and thus be destroyed by the resultant explosion of power. Furthermore, he noted that with Perpetua in control of the Sixth Dimension that this meant his energies would not resurrect him there and thus he faced the potential of truly dying. Despite that, he felt he was honoured to aid the heroes in defeating Perpetua and seemingly died in the explosion. (Justice League v4 #37)


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities

The World Forger can create Universe based on the hopes and fears of all living beings in the Multiverse. (Dark Nights: Metal v1 #4) He is a strong telepath, able to overwhelm Martian Manhunter's psychic powers with ease (Justice League v4 #21) and teleport himself and others anywhere in the Multiverse even in the Monitor Sphere. (Justice League v4 #27) The World Forger has also the ability to change his appearance. (Justice League v4 #21)

When a Crisis occur, a Crisis Anvil appear before the World Forger which he strike with his hammer to descend a Multiverse to replace the former one. It was said that he could only wield the powers of his respective domain but had the potential to merge with his siblings to become the Ultra-Monitor whose power could rival their mother Perpetua. (Justice League v4 #33)


  • The World Forger was created by Scott Snyder and Jorge Jiménez where he made his first appearance in Dark Nights: Metal v1 #4 (February, 2018).


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