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The Monitor is a male comic character who features in DC Comics.




The Monitor was a cosmic being whose origins were tied to over 10 billion years during a time that led to the creation of the Multiverse. It was the cosmic experiments of the Maltusian scientist Krona who sought to know the origin of the universe but instead unleashed evil on existence leading to the creation of the Anti-Matter Universe. In addition, the Earth was duplicated creating numerous universes that became part of the Multiverse with the exception of Oa who instead had its counterpart in the Anti-Matter Universe with the emergence of the world of Qward. On Qward's moon, the Anti-Monitor was formed and in response to this cosmic balance the Monitor awoke as well on the lifeless moon of Oa. Upon awakening, the Monitor spent his time in silent meditation as he learnt the secrets of the universe where he eventually came to sense his shadow counterpart on Qward and knew that the Anti-Monitor wanted to slay him. Thus, a war erupted that lasted a million years as the two foes were equally matched leading to a conflict where there would be no victor. The stalemate only ended when a simultaneous attack had left both the Monitor and the Anti-Monitor unconscious and in a immobile state. (Crisis of the Infinite Earths v1 #7)

The Monitor came to sense the coming crisis growing near and dispatched Harbinger to recruit various heroes from across the Multiverse to help fight it. (Crisis on Infinite Earths v1 #1)

With the coming crisis, the Monitor decided that he needed heroes to aid him and had Harbinger separate herself into various replicants that went across the Muliverse to recruit champions to combat the threat. (Crisis on Infinite Earths v1 #1)


Following the Flashpoint, a new version of reality was created with a different history of events. Mar Novu was one of three children of Perpetua who was a member of a race of celestial super beings tasked with bringing about the emergence of a new Multiverse in the confines of the greater Omniverse. Upon arriving, she created her three sons charged over a single realm of the Multiverse with these being Mar Novu the Monitor responsible for the positive-matter universe, Mobius the Anti-Monitor charged with the Anti-Matter universe and Alpheus the World Forger responsible for the infinite potential of the Dark Multiverse. Mar Novu was responsible for monitoring the Multiverse in order to prevent conflict or crisis from emerging between them. Each of the brothers performed their function for billions of years until one day in the Prime Universe the Monitor came to detect unusual activity from one of the universes. Upon investigating, he discovered his mother Perpetua who had created a race of apex predators merged between humans and Green Martians. The Monitor determined that his mother was preparing for war as she had fulfilled her purpose in creating the Multiverse and therefore she was expected to die by those of her kind. Thus, she was preparing to wage war against them when the Judges of the Source came to pass their judgement on her Multiverse. When Mar Novu opposed her, Perpetua turned her creations against her son forcing him to flee where he called his brothers to get their aid in opposing their mother. They decided to send out a signal to the Judges of the Source which Perpetua and her minions attempted to stop but failed to do so. The Judges then came where they imprisoned Perpetua along with the Totality of the power she had hoarded into the Source Wall that was built around the Multiverse. The World Forger then returned to his charge as custodian of the Dark Multiverse whilst Mar Novu and Mobius were to be reborn on the moons of Oa as well as Qward. However, the Monitor's actions trapped the Anti-Monitor in his realm thus stifling his development leading to him vowing vengeance against his brother Mar Novu. Thus, the two brothers became eternal enemies long ago. (Justice League v4 #22)

In the years afterwards, he tended to the vast Mulitiverse that consisted of an infinite number of worlds until the Crisis instigated by his brother the Anti-Monitor caused its collapse into a single reality. The Monitor had been killed during this time as reality was re-ordered until a further crisis brought about the emergence of a new incarnation of the Multiverse that consisted of 52 worlds with the Monitor reborn but splintered across each of theses universes. This was until the Final Crisis when they were largely killed but following the rise of the Dark Multiverse the Monitor came to be re-formed where he learnt that his mother Perpetua had been freed with her seeking to restore her power. Mar Novu thus travelled to Nil in the Monitor Sphere in a desperate search for a means of stopping Perpetua. He was approached by his brother the World Forger into joining the Justice League as they sought to stop Perpetua with their next goal being to recruit their remaining sibling the Anti-Monitor in the Anti-Matter Universe. (Justice League v4 #27) They came to find him and ally with him against Perpetua when she sought to recruit Mobius to her cause. The three Monitor siblings then were empowered by Starman's cosmic energy that allowed them to merge into the Ultra-Monitor where they battled their mother. (Justice League v4 #33)


Personality and attributes

He was responsible for saving Harbinger and came to see her as a daughter as he nurtured her into adulthood. She became invaluable in combating the Crisis though the Monitor was aware that she would be the one responsible for killing him. (Crisis on Infinite Earths v1 #1)

Powers and abilities

It was said that the Monitor rivals the Anti-Monitor and he could sense him and the Antimatter Universe from the moon of Oa. All positive matter is tied and flow through the Monitor, given him his powers. He can shoot beam of energy, create forcefield. When he died, his energy created a netherverse out of his being to absorb the remaining Universes.

He was able to save Pariah and empower him to never die and be always drawn to where the Anti-Monitor was about to strike next. As an individual, the Monitor could only harness the energies of his native domain but had the potential to merge with his brothers to form the Ultra-Monitor who had the power to rival their mother Perpetua. (Justice League v4 #33)


  • The Monitor was created by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez where he made a cameo appearance in New Teen Titans v1 #21 (July, 1982) before making his full debut in G.I. Combat v1 #274 (February, 1985).
  • Wolfman commented on the character in Comics Journal v1 #80 (March, 1983) where he said that:
"I had the character about 18 years ago. I called him the Librarian then because I didn’t have a good sense about names and thought that it would be a neat idea to do that. You know, one villain that the whole company could use. I didn’t have to sell it to Marvel, because they already had one universe, but when I came back to DC I indicated that I wanted to do it here. Everyone liked it but forgot to hand out the sheets I gave for their writers. So I have to redo it indicating how far you can take the character from month A to month B. Like for three months you can only show this much and after six months you can show that much, and at the end of a year we can reveal who that character is and start getting into interesting stories that all the writers can pick up on."
  • In Justice League v4 #22 (2019), the character was given the name of Mar Novu similar to his Arrowverse incarnation.

Alternate Versions

In other media


  • In the Arrowverse, the Monitor appeared in the shared continuity setting:
    • In The Flash, Mar Novu made his first appearance in the live-action television series fifth season crossover where he was portrayed by actor LaMonica Garrett.


  • New Teen Titans v1:
  • G.I. Combat v1:
  • Crisis of the Infinite Earths v1:
  • Justice League v4:

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