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Xor, Queen of the Insectoids.

Xor is a female robotic villain that features in Challenge of the GoBots.



Xor (pronounced X-OR) was the High Queen of the Insectoids who were inhabitants of the 21st Level and rulers of their realm. She was brought into the dimension which Earth inhabited by the use of Dr. Braxis Interphaser device which was used by the Renegades to bring a race of vicious creatures from a parallel world in order to better conquer the planet. Once the vortex formed, Xor came with four drones of her race where they came into contact with Scooter and Turbo. When Scooter attempted to make peaceful contact, Xor fired her energy eye beams knocking him unconscious after which she commanded her drones to battle Turbo. Xor captured Scooter and attempted to flee underground when Turbo came though she dispatched the Guardian easily thanks to a blast from her eye beams which caused rubble to fall down on the Guardian.

Whilst underground, she and her drones created their races sapper devices after which she placed Scooter within the machine. There, the device was draining Scooter power and Xor declared her intentions on conquering the planet even with just four of her drones believing the planet to be too primitive to resist her forces. She then led an attack against the central computer complex on Earth in order to paralyse the planet's defenses. After being challeneged by the Guardians, she elected to escape back underground.

She later broadcasted a message demanding the surrender of the planet to her rule stating that Earths armies would be easily defeated if they challenged her forces. After which, she attacked an airbase where her forces destroyed numerous planes. It was at this point that Cy-Kill decided to reverse the Interphaser effect and send Xor as well as her Insectoids back where they came from. When the portal opened and attempted to drag her back to the 21st Level, Xor stated that she would not go back and that Earth was now her world. Using her telekinetic powers, she managed to resist the affects of the portal by causing the Interphaser to overload. She decided to attack those that were going to send her back and infiltrated the Renegade stronghold Roguestar.

Scooter taken hostage.

There she encountered Cy-Kill and showed her outrage stating who he thought he was for daring to send her back. When Cy-Kill stated that it was he who brought her to Earths dimension ahd that she should be subservient to him, Xor stated that she called no one master. She send her two drone guards to deal with Cy-Kill but the Renegade leader made a surprising attack against her. Threatening to kill her, the drones relented and Cy-Kill asked Xor to yield to him. She stated she would yield but attacked him once he let his guard down. Once away, she ordered her guards to deal with him and the drones damaged Cy-Kill sending him unconscious. After which he was deposited in the prison cells on Rogue-star.

Cy-Kill told Xor that she made a big mistake and that he had powerful allies to which Xor laughed when her minions brought in the captured Crasher and Cop-tur. One of her minions found a Human in the engine room to which she demanded it to be killed however Braxis informed her that he created the device. She threatingly asked how he accomplished this to which Braxis, terrified, explained the science to her which she easily grasped stating that it was primitive yet effective. She stated that she would let Braxis live if he repaired the machine to which he eagerly accepted.

She was informed by one of her drones that the Guardian GoBots had reached Rogue-Star and she told four of her drones to dispose of them. She was later informed by her last drone that they had been defeated and that the Guardians were entering the inner chamber. Xor herself finally repaired the Interphaser which confused Braxis who asked her how she accomplished this but she simply stated that he would not understand. When Braxis attempted to offer some panicked advice, Xor responded angrily when the Guardians arrived. She informed her last drone to attack but he was easily defeated by a magnetic energy net. When Leader-1 told her she was defeated, Xor laughed and stated that she had only just started. Activating the Interphaser, she opened a portal to the 21st Level and brought in a brood of warrior caste Insectoids.

Using her new nearly limitless forces, she fought off the Guardians and ordered her warriors to take Braxis along with the Interphaser to Earth as she began her conquest of the planet. Creating a central hive in a large mountain, she herded many Humans into farming camps with GoBots in the prison cells while her warriors patrolled the planet. After learning how the Interphaser worked, Xor gave the order for Braxis to be left with the other Humans but upon seeing this betrayal, Braxis managed to escape. Xor ordered her warriors to locate Braxis and was informed of numerous escaped GoBots as well as some missing warriors. It was at this point that Scooter activated the Interphaser and attempted to send her back but Xor used her psionic powers to resist its effect. She declared that she would handle the Guardians herself and nearly destroyed Leader-1, Scooter and Turbo with her energy eye beams but was distracted when Cy-Kill fired Rogue-stars main cannons at her hive.

In order to survive, Xor directed her psionic powers at the Rogue-star and succeeded in severely damaging the vessel. Being in a weakened state meant that this time she was vulnerable to the Interphasers portal which was opened once again. This time her powers were in vain and she along with her forces were forced into the portal which ended the threat posed by the inhabitants of the 21st Level.


Personality and attributes

Xor was a ruthless inhabitant of the 21st dimension parallel to Earths and was visibly different from her minions by being taller, possessing a royal enlarged collar, a slightly more feminine form as well as larger antennae.

She was quite powerful and simply believed in the conquest of her enemies. She was also somewhat arrogant in her beliefs and demonstrated no mercy to her foes. If forced in a situation where she might be defeated, Xor was capable of using trickery to lull the enemy in a false sense of security after which she would strike them down. She also did not believe on enticing others to her cause and made use of threats in order to get what she wanted. She believed in her absolute dominance and rule which meant she did not yield to her enemies and thus did not call anyone her master.

Powers and abilities

Like other members of her race, she possessed the capacity to fire yellowish energy blasts from her eyes capable of felling a GoBot with a single blast. These energy beams lower setting was also capable of deflecting missiles back at her opponents. In addition to this, she had the capacity to use psionic powers allowing her to even the resist a dimensional vortex that was trying to return her to her realm. Furthermore, her powers were so great that she alone was capable of almost destroying the Renegade flagship Roguestar. These telekinetic powers were used to fry computer systems and lift a large steel door to close an underground entrance.



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