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Cy-Kill in robot mode.

Cy-Kill is the leader of the Renegades that features in the cartoon GoBots.



Cy-Kill was an inhabitant of the planet GoBotron whose inhabitants long ago were once organic beings before they transferred their minds into robotic bodies. Following the first Renegade Revolt, he became a member Guardians where he was appointed High Protector alongside Leader-1 and Zeemon. During this time, he was a close friend and ally of Leader-1 whose life he saved during an attack from Parthian raiders. After repelling the assault, Cy-Kill voiced the view of him and Leader-1 becoming joint rulers of GoBotron but his comrade believed that they served the people. Though he agreed, silently he believed differently and urged to lead the attack on the Renegades. It was agreed by the Guardian Council to divide their forces with Zeemon combating the Parthia raiders, Leader-1 guarding Garleon and Cy-Kill assaulting the Renegade base at Xeros. Cy-Kill's strike team was repelled by the overwhelming defenses with Cy-Kill nearly killed by Zero but was saved by his comrades. When he returned to GoBotron, he learnt that Zeemon similarly failed in his mission but Leader-1 succeeded where he managed to capture the Renegades Crasher and Cop-Tur who he returned back to be imprisoned. This angered Cy-Kill and further enraged him when members of the Guardian Council called for him to be removed from their ranks for his failure. As a result, he orchestrated a plot to control GoBotron and place himself in charge of his homeworld. Thus, he secretly met with Crasher and Cop-Tur where they agreed to serve him by being part of the conspiracy to kill Leader-1. He later met with some members of the Guardian Council to bring them into his conspiracy with Fitor believing that Cy-Kill was fit to rule though one member of this clandestine meeting wanted to have no part in this plan. Cy-Kill then proceeded to the detention center where he betrayed the guards to free the two captive Renegades that now agreed to serve him. Fitor and those loyal to Cy-Kill tricked Leader-1 to the Hall of Columns where he was ambushed by the traitors along with the Renegade Crasher and Cop-Tur. Leader-1 managed to escape barely where he saw Cy-Kill and asked for his aid but his old friend betrayed him. Cy-Kill then commented that if he could not rule GoBotron as a Guardian then he would do so as a Renegade. Before he could kill Leader-1, his allies in the Guardian Council arrived after they were warned of the plot where they drove the traitors away. Cy-Kill then departed with the Renegades as he became their new leader where he became the greatest threat to GoBotron.

In time, their hold over their home planet began to diminish leading to them being relegated to a few strongholds. To survive, Cy-Kill decided to rebuild a new powerbase elsewhere in the galaxy and managed to find a primitive world called Earth. A native human scientist by the name of Dr. Braxis was secretly contacted by Cy-Kill who informed him that he desired a base of operations for the Renegade on that world. From there, the Renegades planned to launch a new assault against GoBotron and take it over with Cy-Kill offering the conquered Earth to be in Braxis's control. To accomplish his plans, Cy-Kill along with Cop-Tur and Crasher attacked a Guardian facility that held the Astrobeam projector that he took back to his base. He would leave control of the Renegades on GoBotron to his lieutenant Fitor as he along with Crasher and Cop-Tur took a ship to Earth. They managed to covertly arrive on Earth but were pursued by the Guardians when Leader-1 led Turbo and Scooter to Earth as well in their quest to apprehend Cy-Kill. Upon arriving, Cy-Kills ship as seen by a trio of astronauts led by Lieutenant Hunter that the Renegades sought to eliminate but were thwarted by the Guardians. Though Turbo was damaged, the Renegades were unable to push their advantage as human forces arrived which necessitated Cy-Kill to call a retreat as he desired to keep their arrival on Earth a secret. With his two comrades, Cy-Kill went to the laboratory of Doctor Braxis to make contact with him where the human scientist informed him of the location of the rare energy source known as Sorium. The element was located on the Eastern bloc island of Stovilvoi where it was under the care of Anya Turgenova who was studying it. Their meeting was discovered by A.J. and Scooter but despite Cop-Tur being sent to eliminate them the pair managed to escape. Cy-Kill later used the Astro-Beam to get a report from Fitor who informed him that the Renegade forces were losing on GoBotron and requested the deployment of Zod. However, Cy-Kill refused and ordered Zod to be deployed on Earth as he had need of him for his plans. Onboard his command ship, the Renegades arrived at Stovilvoi where they captured Turgenova whilst Zod dealt with all resistance. During the battle with the Guardians, Crasher was seemingly lost to an avalanche with Cy-Kill leaving her behind whilst he left an unstable piece of Sorium with Leader-1 who was trapped in a cave. With victory seemingly secured, Cy-Kill departed the area with Cop-Tur and Zod as they went to initiate the next stage of his plan.

With the Sorium, he had Doctor Braxis finish construction of the Pulsar Generator that was a device that would generate an signal that matched those generated in human beings allowing them to be controlled. He planned to initiate this machine by linking it to the planet's communication grid at Cheyenne Mountain. To accomplish this goal, he used the Astro-Beam to bring the Renegade Jeeper Creeper to Earth who helped infiltrate the NORAD facility with Doctor Braxis. Once inside, Jeeper Creeper stunned the guards whilst Braxis opened the gates allowing Cy-Kill and Cop-Tur inside. After taking over the base, the Pulsar Generator was initiated just as the Guardians had arrived leading to their human allies falling under Renegade control. Cy-Kill commanded them to turn against the Guardians leading to Crasher being freed from capture onboard the Command Centre whereupon she turned it against Leader-1's team. During the battle, Leader-1 was injured in order to allow Turbo and Scooter to escape with Cy-Kill ordering Crasher to bring him as a hostage to witness the conquest of Earth. With Earth under his power, Cy-Kill intended to turn all of mankind to the singular task of helping him conquer Gobotron. This plot involved using all of humanity to create a fleet of Zod's that were to be deployed as a fleet to assault his homeworld and defeat the Guardians. The Renegades faced the threat of the two remaining Guardian's namely Turbo and Scooter who had created electronic devices that freed their human friends from the Pulsar Generator's effects. As a result, he summoned the Renegade Tank from Gobotron via the Astrobeam who was sent with Cop-Tur to defeat their enemies. The two Renegades believed that they had succeeded in their task but their targets managed to evade destruction. They used this time to infiltrate the assembly site where the Zod's were being brought together where they freed the wounded Leader-1 and defeated Zod who they used to repair their leader. Once freed, the Guardians infiltrated Cheyenne Mountain where Leader-1 managed to damage Cy-Kill. By this point, the Zod fleet was launched to Gobotron and Cy-Kill decided to escape where he left the damaged Crasher and Cop-Tur behind. In desperation, Cy-Kill gave Earth to Braxis but then destroyed the Pulsar Generator causing the Sorium to go unstable whereupon it would destroy the planet. The Renegade leader used the Astrobeam to teleport to a Thruster and escaped into space. However, Leader-1 thwarted Cy-Kill's plan by using the Astrobeam to teleport the Sorium into the flight path of the Zod's who were destroyed as a result and the Renegade Thruster was caught in the blast zone. Though defeated, Cy-Kill survived and still free though damaged with his forces on Gobotron defeated by the Guardians.

He was later captured and imprisoned on the Prison Moon of GoBotron where he was disarmed of a power core to prevent the use of his weapons. During prison transfer, he managed to ambush the guard and equipped himself with his power core allowing for access to his weapons. Now armed, he freed Fitor and the two made their way to escape to emerge on the cold dark size of the moon where Cy-Kill had stashed a shuttle long ago in case of an emergency. Once there, he sent a signal to the Renegades new base Roguestar where Herr Fiend used the Astrobeam to transport a stealth device to Cy-Kill's location. Whilst outfitting it, the two Renegades were attacked by Turbo who was defeated and Cy-Kill had him thrown into a ravine in order to terminate him. Once fueling was complete, Cy-Kill and Fitor escaped on the shuttle into orbit though the stealth device was partly damaged during transport causing the ship to cloak then decloak periodically until repaired. After it was fixed, they continued towards Roguestar whilst Leader-1 took a Command Centre to Antares-3 to seek out the Last Engineer to repair the critically damaged Turbo.


Personality and attributes

Cy-Kill was a fearsome opponent who sought galactic domination through the destruction of the Guardians. He brooked no challenge to his authority as shown when Fitor stated that his forces were being defeated on GoBotron whereupon Cy-Kill damaged him with a shot to the chest and exclaimed that they were his forces. In addition, he was not above making alliances with others such as the one he made with Doctor Braxis. Though in such cases, he treated these allies poorly and even threatened them if they displeased him. Furthermore, to secure the upper hand, he would ally with others such as Magmar but this was only for him to accomplish his goal whereupon he would betray his former allies.

Though Braxis was an ally, Cy-Kill was shown to find the human to be an annoyance. He stated that he did not trust the human scientist but found him useful. Among the few individuals that he genuinely seemed to respect and appreciate was his comrade at arms Fitor. This went to the extent that he staged an attack to free him from Guardian capture and even ordered the Renegades not to destroy the ship he was on as he wanted him returned alive. It was only a case of last resort that he considered killing Fitor but even then he showed regret at the order.

Powers and abilities

As a GoBot, Cy-Kill larger and stronger than ordinary humans due to his robotic nature. This afforded him a number of added abilities such as flight and the capacity to generate energy blasts from his hands. Like many GoBots, Cy-Kill possessed an alternate machine form allowing him to transform into a motor cycle. In this state, he was able to project energy blasts from his eyes.


  • Cy-Kill was voiced by actor Bernard Erhard.
  • The Japanese name for the character was Bike Robo.


  • GoBots: "The Battle for GoBotron"
  • GoBots: "Withered Hope"

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