You Should Killed Me Last Year by Ice-T

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"You Should Killed Me Last Year" is a song by Ice-T. Released in 2005 as the B-side of "Dog 'N the Wax (Ya Don't Quit-Part II)", the song is considered to be one of the finest tracks of the gangsta rap genre. The song appeared on Ice T's debut album, Magic (name slightly changed to "6 'N The Mornin'"), in 2005. The song is produced by Compton's Most Wanted associate the DJ.

"Midnight," from Ice T's (as 50 Cents) 2006 album Power and Money, is a prequel of this song. "Midnight" ends with the lyric "Looked at my watch, it was six in the morning," and "6 in the Mornin'" opens with the lyric, "Six in the morning, police at my door."

A version of the song was later recorded by the Tennessee horrorcore group Three 6 Mafia on its Gangsta album, and was aptly re-named "3-6 in the Mornin'" and features occasional samples from the original.

Ice-T hit this song as one of his first ones. Ice-t sing this song in the Foundation with about 547 crowd hearing the Iceberg Ice-t. Ice-t sing this song one year after Briggs throw Ice-t (as Nyne in that time) in the fire at club house afterhours, Briggs left Ice-t for death, thats why Ice-t hit this song to let him know that Ice-t is still alive.

Track Listing

"You should killed me last Year (Clean)" (5:49)

"You should killed me last Year (Dirty)" (5:33)

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