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Zarek is a male alien comic supervillain that features in Marvel Comics.



Zarek was a male member of the blue skinned Kree race where he operated as the Imperial Minister in the empire and enacted the policies of the Supreme Intelligence. (Captain Marvel v1 #16) He was the one who chose Captain Mar-Vell to be the Kree spy on Earth. (Marvel Super-Heroes v1 #18)

For sometime, he came to believe that his race the Blue Kree were facing extinction as a result of the Supreme Intelligence's policies at incorporating other civilizations and species into their empire. Thus, he sought to depose the Supremor and conspired with Ronan the Accuser in a plot to overthrow the Supreme Intelligence with this involving the renegade Mar-Vell. Through his construct of Tam-Bor the living idol, Zarek sought to arrange events so that the Supremor would be destroyed. However, this was uncovered by Mar-Vell with Zarek and Ronan were apprehended despite their attempts at fleeing from arrest. (Captain Marvel v1 #16)

Zarek was declared a traitor to the Kree Empire and operated as a renegade, and led a band of Kree malcontents known as the Lunatic Legion. With the Lunatic Legion, he created the deadly Nitro, and joined in a plot to use Captain Mar-Vell to destroy the Supreme Intelligence. Zarek battled and was again defeated by Captain Mar-Vell. (Captain Marvel v1 #38-41)


Personality and attributes

For a time, Zarek believed that his people that were the Blue Kree race of Hala that formed their empire faced the threat of extinction due to the incorporation of other races into their ranks. He attributed this to the liberal policies of the Supreme Intelligence and thus plotted the Supremors destruction. (Captain Marvel v1 #16)

Powers and abilities


  • Zarek was created by Stan Lee and Gene Colan where he made his first appearance in Marvel Super-Heroes v1 #12 (December, 1967).

In other media


Zarek in the animated Silver Surfer series.
  • In Silver Surfer, Prime Minister Zarek appeared in the episode "The Forever War" where he was voiced by actor Chris Britton. He was on Kree-Lar where he debriefed Commander Enoch about the loss of General Koval to an unknown space anomaly. At the time, the Silver Surfer had managed to arrive on the Kree homeworld where he was attacked by the planet's defenses. According to intelligence receive by Zarek, it was determined that the Surfer no longer served Galactus and an audience was granted with the former Herald. The Prime Minister learnt that the Silver Surfer wanted to consult the Supreme Intelligence about his lost homeworld. However, the Prime Minister stated that the Kree believe in utility and such a request would only be granted if the Silver Surfer did something for the empire. To that end, the Surfer was dispatched to find the status of General Koval past the space-time anomaly. The Silver Surfer instead returned with the Carridasian Adam Warlock who attacked the defenses of Kree-Lar until the Supreme Intelligence captured both the Herald and Warlock.


  • Captain Marvel v1:

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