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Zeroids are robots that feature in Terrahawks.



The Zeroids were small spherical robots that were used extensively by the Earth-based organization known as the Terrahawks. During Zelda's approach to Mars, the Zeroids detected the mechanical metamorphs vessels and were deployed on a mission to intercept the alien intruders. In orbit, a hundred of the robots actively used to detect a mysterious energy presence from the extraterrestrial craft that was coming to Earth. Afterwards, a hundred Zeroids were deployed under Sergeant Major Zero's command to accompany Doctor Tiger Ninestein to intercept the alien presence at Bangkok. In the encounter, they encountered a shrunken alien ship that enlarged itself after reaching arriving on the surface of Earth. The Zeroid Number 13 was destroyed by Zelda's craft with the Zeroids responding by opening fire which was ineffective due to a force field. The alien craft responded by returning fire destroying several more Zeroids with them only surviving by Terrahawk aerial support.


In appearance, the robots were spherical machines that had a pair of circular eyes and an audio plate to speak. Zeroids had sensors that allowed them to detect energy sources that their visual senses could not detect. They were able to make use of macro-vision that allowed them to extend their visual sensors to see distant objects. When in motion, the eye covering closed to protect the optical sensors whereupon the Zeroids simply rolled across terrain. By the side of their head, an small opening could form whereby a number of tools could be used by the robots. This included a radio that they could use to communicate with others or deploy an energy weapon to destroy targets.


  • Zero : referred to as Sergeant Major Zero who leads the Zeroids on Earth.
  • 101 :


  • Terrahawks:

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