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Zigesfeld, known as "The Abolisher," was Augustus Steranko's henchman. He rarely spoke, and often exhibited some signs of mental retardation, including an almost childlike dependence upon Ilsa Grunt, to whom he was more loyal than Steranko. During a confrontation with the secret agent Blade, Zigesfeld lost his right hand when he overturned his ATV and it got caught in the spinning wheels of the vehicle. Subsequently, he had the missing hand replaced with a golden robotic one.

After picking up Ilsa from the Paris airport upon her return from the United States, he was told that she had killed the wrong Michael Corben, and that the "real one" was still at large. Zigesfeld then pursued and made numerous attempts to kill this Corben, culminating in a confrontation with him in Steranko's gold foundry. Although he physically outmatched Corben, Zigesfeld accidentally got his robotic hand drenched in molten gold and subsequently fused to a hanging chain. Thus he was unable to get out of the way when the cage that held Corben's classmates dropped down on him and crushed him while also knocking him into the gold vat where he was melted.

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