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Zula excited in battle

Zula was a fierce warrior who was a member of a tribe of bandits that tried to raid a village. The villagers fought back and killed all the bandits but her. She was then chained to a rock while the townspeople tormented her until she was freed by Conan whose party was passing through en route to Toth-Amon's palace. In thanks for saving her, Zula accompanied Conan's party on their adventure to procure the Horn of Dagoth.

She proved an invaluable asset. It was her spear that killed Queen Taramis' grand vizier before he could sacrifice Jehnna to Dagoth and she later assisted Conan in battling Dagoth himself. Following the deaths of both Dagoth and Queen Taramis, Zula was appointed captain of the elite guard by Jehnna, replacing Bombaata.

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