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Statue of Dagoth's human form with horn intact

Dagoth, also referred to as the Dreaming God, was a deity worshipped by the people of Shadizar, particularly Queen Taramis. He participated in a large battle with other gods, during which his source of power, a jeweled horn, was broken off. Dagoth fell to Earth in a weakened state and his body turned into stone, becoming a statue.

As written in the ancient Scrolls of Skelos, if the horn were found placed in the forehead of the statue, it would bring about the evil god's resurrection, and as long as a virgin girl was sacrificed at the hour of the god's rebirth (in this case, Taramis' niece Jehnna), everything would be fine.

Unfortunately, the ritual was interrupted by Conan and his companions and Taramis' vizier speared by Zula before he could sacrifice Jehnna, and the end result of this is that Dagoth became angered and transformed into a monstrous, and mortal, lizard-like beast. The wizard Akiro deduced that Dagoth's horn was his life, and in tearing the horn from the ex-god's forehead, slew Dagoth.


  • Although a fictional deity Dagoth is based in fact on a variety of real-world religions and rites. His statue is patterned after sensual Hindu carvings, and its reclining position taken from Mayan statuary. The evil god's name is a reference to the god Dagon. Perhaps not coincidentally, Dagoth's monster form is very Lovecraftian in appearance.
  • He was originally scripted to be a gargoyle-like creature. This is retained in Robert Jordan's novelization of the film.
  • A graphic novel called The Horn of Azoth, unconnected with the film but retelling the same story, keeps his original gargoyle-like form but renames him "Azoth."
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