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Zuri is a male comic character that features in Marvel Comics.



Zuri was a male born in the lands of Wakanda in the modern age. From his youth, he was noted for being a close friend to King T'Chaka. (Black Panther v3 #1)

He continued his service to his friends son T'Challa after he had ascended to the throne as King and as the new Black Panther. (Black Panther v3 #1)

During the Wakandagate scandal over the Tomorrow Fund, Zuri advised T'Challa to remain in the kingdom due to increasing tensions over the refugees on their border. However, T'Challa decided to instead journey to America to investigate the scandal after a child had died. (Black Panther v3 #1)


Personality and attributes

In appearance, Zuri was a towering black male who was far taller than others and had a muscular frame. (Black Panther v3 #2)

It was noted that he was a lifelong friend to the former king T'Chaka. (Black Panther v3 #1) The service he afforded to his friend was later given to his son T'Challa when he became the new Black Panther. In this role, Zuri served as a mentor and a companion to the young king. (Black Panther v3 #2)

He was well versed in the history of his homeland of Wakanda which he narrated to others. (Black Panther v3 #1)

Powers and abilities

He often kept with him a large spear by his side. (Black Panther v3 #2)


  • Zuri was created by Christopher Priest and Mark Texeira where he made his first appearance in Black Panther v3 #1 (November, 1998).

In other media


  • In Black Panther, Zuri appeared in the setting of the live-action film set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe where he was portrayed by actor Forest Whitaker whilst actor Denzel Whitaker portrayed a younger version of the character. He was an inhabitant of Wakanda where he was placed as a spy in America where he was sent to spy on Prince N'Jobu who was similarly sent to the United States to observe that country. In the guise of James, he operated as a room mate to N'Jobu in his cover identity and did not reveal his true past as he was sent to watch over the brother of King T'Chaka. This was cause N'Jobu had been involved in secretly selling Vibranium to the outside world with this being reported to T'Chaka who came to the North American apartment to confront his brother. This led to James revealing his true identity of being Zuri where he exposed N'Jobu's deceit. In anger, N'Jobu attempted to kill Zuri forcing T'Chaka to kill his brother where he left his body behind as the death would cause controversy in Wakanda. Zuri had felt guilty over his part in N'Jobu's death as he knew the prince had a son in America that grew up to be Erik Killmonger. Back in Wakanda, Zuri served as an advisor to the royal family where he served as an aide to King T'Challa after the death of his father T'Chaka.


  • Black Panther:

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