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Dated Events

  • Real World: January 23. Testifying in front of the U.S. Congress, Charles Lindbergh recommends that the United States negotiate a neutrality pact with Nazi Germany.
  • Amalgam: March. A 4-F volunteer is injected with a formula developed from alien cells found in a spacecraft that crashed in 1938. After being exposed to solar radiation, the volunteer gains superhuman powers, becoming Super-Soldier. (Super-Soldier #1)
  • Real World: March 11. U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt signs the Lend-Lease Act into law, which allows U.S. military supplies to be loaned to the Allies.
  • Real World: May 9. U-110, a German submarine, is captured by British forces. On board is an Enigma cryptography machine, which later helps the Allies decrypt encoded German messages.
  • Real World: May 10. Rudolf Hess lands in Scotland, claiming to be on a mission of peace.
  • Real World: July 7. A German invasion of Iceland is forestalled when American forces land there.
  • Real World: July 26. U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt orders the seizure of Japanese assets in the United States as a protest against Japan's occupation of French Indochina.
  • Real World: July 31. Nazi authorities begin formulating a "final solution of the Jewish question."
  • Real World: September 6. Jews over age 6 in German-occupied territories are required to begin wearing a Star of David.
  • Real World: September 16. Mohammad Reza Pahlavi replaces his father, Reza Pahlavi, as Shah of Iran following pressure from the U.K. and U.S.S.R.
  • Real World: October 21. In Yugoslavia, German troops go on the rampage, killing thousands of civilians.
  • Real World: November 17. The U.S. ambassador to Japan, Joseph Grew, sends a cable to the U.S. Department of State warning that Japan planned to attack Pearl Harbor.
  • Real World: December 7. Japanese forces unleash a sneak attack on the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

Undated Events

New Fictional Works

Notable Films

The Adventures of Captain Marvel (serial), Charlie Chan in Rio, The Corsican Brothers, Dead Men Tell, The Devil and Daniel Webster, The Devil Bat, The Devil Commands, Dick Tracy vs. Crime Inc. (serial), Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Here Comes Mr. Jordan, The Invisible Woman, King of the Zombies, The Maltese Falcon, Man Made Monster, The Monster and the Girl, The Saint's Vacation, Shadow of the Thin Man, The Son of Monte Cristo, Tarzan's Secret Treasure, Topper Returns, The Wolf Man. Fleischer Superman serials Superman (also known as The Mad Scientist and The Death Ray) and The Mechanical Monsters.

Notable Comic Books

Captain America Comics #1 (first Captain America), Military Comics #1 (first Blackhawks), Police Comics #1 (first Plastic Man), All-Star Comics #8 (first Wonder Woman), Pep Comics #17 (first death of a superhero (the Comet)), Young Allies #1 (first team of sidekicks).

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