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  • 1920: Real World - Sweden becomes the first nation to adopt a social democratic government.
  • 1941: Amalgam - A 4-F volunteer is injected with a formula developed from alien cells found in a spacecraft that crashed in 1938. After being exposed to solar radiation, the volunteer gains superhuman powers, becoming Super-Soldier. (Super-Soldier #1)
  • 1942: Amalgam - In battle with Ultra-Metallo, Super-Soldier (and the robot) disappear over the Atlantic Ocean. (Super-Soldier #1, Super-Soldier: Man of War #1)
  • 2004: It's Walky - Following the revelation of Joyce's murder of Anti-Joyce (as well as other condemning facts about the organization), SEMME is disbanded by the government. Penny Worthington and her forces lead an attack on SEMME as they leave their headquarters; she is defeated, but almost immediately afterwards, the Martians attack Earth. To compound matters, the Head Alien possesses the Cheese. In the end, the members of SEMME are victorious- the Head Alien is slain, and Walky- slain by the Martians- winds up in control of the Cheese, making the Martians "gone." Meanwhile, Danny, Joe, Rachel and Ultra Car destroy the Martians' mothership. Joe and Rachel construct a Martian resurrection chamber under the auspices of the government- some of Walky's DNA is used to begin making a clone of him. Joyce settles in to wait for his return. (It's Walky! (March 7, 2004 to October 18, 2004))
  • 2006: Doctor Who, Doctor Who (Expanded Universe) - The Ninth Doctor brings Rose Tyler home over a year late. The Doctor and Rose, with Mickey Smith's help, foils a plot by the Slitheen to turn the Earth into a nuclear cinder. (Doctor Who: "Aliens of London", "World War Three"; 12 months after "Rose")

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