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Dated Events

  • Real World: January 1. Contrary to popular fears, no widespread disasters occur as a result of the "Y2K" computer bug.
  • Real World: May 3. A conjunction of the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn occurs on the New Moon.
  • Real World: May 25. Israel withdraws its last troops from southern Lebanon, ending 22 years of occupation.
  • Real World: August 12. In the Barents Sea, the Russian submarine Kursk sinks, taking 118 sailors' lives in the process.
  • Real World: October 4. Slobodan Milosevic, President of Serbia, resigns in the face of civil protests.
  • Real World: November 7. Disputed votes in Florida leave the outcome of the U.S. Presidential elections uncertain.

Undated Events

New Fictional Works

Notable Books

The Bear and the Dragon by Tom Clancy, Winter's Heart by Robert Jordan, The Indwelling by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, The Mark by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, The Truth by Terry Pratchett, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling.

Notable Films

  • Agent Red, Battle Royale, Battlefield Earth, Bless the Child, Blood Surf, Boa, The Body, Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2, The Breed, The Cell, Chameleon III: Dark Angel
  • The Contaminated Man, The Convent, Crocodile, Cross Fire, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, The Dead Hate the Living, Deep Core, Digimon: The Movie, Dinosaur
  • Doorway, Dracula 2000, Dune (TV movie), Dungeons & Dragons, Epoch (TV movie), The Family Man, Faust: Love of the Damned, Final Destination, First Target (TV movie)
  • Frequency, The Gift, Ginger Snaps, Gladiator, Godzilla 2000, Guardian, Hamlet, Hell Swarm, Hellraiser: Inferno, Highlander: Endgame, Hollow Man
  • Immortality, Jack Frost 2, The Kid, Killjoy, The Last Man, The Last Warrior, Left Behind, The Legend of Bagger Vance, Legion of the Dead, The Little Vampire
  • Lost Souls, Me Myself I, Mission to Mars, Mission: Impossible 2, The Ninth Gate, Octopus, On the Beach, Pitch Black, Prison of the Dead, Python, Race Against Time
  • Red Planet, The Road to El Dorado, Shadow of the Vampire, Shanghai Noon, Shark Attack 2, The 6th Day, The Skulls, Spiders, The St. Francisville Experiment
  • Stitches, Supernova, They Nest (TV movie), Titan A.E., Tribulation, Tycus, Unbreakable, Versus, Voodoo Nightmare, What Lies Beneath, What Women Want
  • Witchblade, Witchcraft XI: Sisters in Blood, Witchouse 2: Blood Coven, X-Men, Xchange, Zombie Bloodbath 3: Zombie Armageddon

Notable Television Series

  • Beginning: The 10th Kingdom (miniseries), Andromeda, Jason and the Argonauts (miniseries).
  • Continuing: Angel (Season 2), Beast Machines (Season 2), The Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot (Season 2), Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Season 5), Farscape (Season 2).
  • Ending:

Notable Role-Playing Games

Dungeons and Dragons (3rd Edition).

Notable Electronic Games

Final Fantasy IX, Phantasy Star Online (Dreamcast), Resident Evil: Code Veronica, Resident Evil: Gun Survivor.

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