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Father Abel Nightroad.

Abel Nightroad is a male character that features in Trinity Blood.



Abel was born nearly a millennium ago in the year 2088 A.D. where he was created as one of four test tube babies whose bodies were infused with the Crusnik nanomachines that the Human colonists of Mars discovered. Due to the events of his creation, Abel had a great deal of hatred towards Humanity and joined the newly born Methuselah race in their war against Mankind - a conflict that led to Armageddon. During the war, Nightroad was personally responsible for the deaths of seven million Humans. However, events changed upon the death of his fellow Crusnik Lilith during the tme which led to Abel abandoning his hatred. He spent the next 900 years mourning and weepgn in Lilith's crypt in the Vatican.

One day, the crypt was disturbed by a young Caterina Sforza who was fleeing from Methuselah assassins. This act awakened Nightroad who decided that it was his duty to continue Lilith's work in defending Humanity. Thus, he saved the young Caterina and chose to live on. This chain of events led him to join the AX at the time of its foundation on May, 3055 A.D.


Personality and attributes

Crusnik transformation.

By his appearance, Father Abel Nightroad appeared as a clumsy absent minded Catholic priest who constantly has bad luck in terms of money and is always hungry. However, in truth, he was a Crusnik, a vampire with extraordinary powers and has the power to feed on other vampires.

In the distant past, Abel had nothing but hatred towards Humanity and was an angry young boy during the Mars Colonization Project. He felt that as he and his fellows were experimental subjects only then their lives were considered expendable by Humanity. Thus, he despaired about what their futures would be and felt that he was no longer Human. A young Abel felt that if Human was destroyed the Earth would become a far better place. This meant that he worked towards Mankinds destruction until the death of Lilith. As penance for his past sins, Father Nightroad adhered to a strict principle of pacifism to the point that he had taken a vow not to kill unless he absolutely must. Even after killing a murdering vampire as a Crusnik, he was noted as saying that he knew that the criminal would burn for his sins but still he would say a prayer for him.

While he accepted his Crusnik form, he only changed into it as a last resort. Upon meeting Esther, he also became reluctant to transform into a Crusnik in battle due to the thought that she would see him and fear him. When Ester did see him in his true form, Abel was noted as being distraught and screaming in agony. He would later tell her that it was a mark of his sins. When he believed Esther was killed by the vampire Radu, he went into a rage and turned into his Crusnik whereupon he delighted in killing the Methuselah Radu. However, Ester managed to bring him back to normal.

Abel considered himself a sinner for his past actions in fighting against Humanity as he was once considered the enemy of the world. When his fellow Crusnik Seth told him that the events were 900 years ago and that Lilith would have forgiven him, Father Nightroad simply responded that he had never managed to forgive himself.

It's been shown that Abel appears almost oblivious to the romantic feelings Esther has towards him even though some of his comrades were aware of it to the point that they called him a dunce.

Powers and abilities

In his human form, Abel makes use of a gun loaded with silver bullets as his primary method of offense against an enemy. The nanomachines in his body have apparently improved his lifespan as he is nearly a millennia old though his appearance is that of a comparitively young man.

However, when he called upon the nanomachines in his body, he was capable of turning into a Crusnik which greatly enhanced his combat abilities. At 40% activation power, his eyes became red and his lips turned dark blue with his teeth becoming fangs. A gigantic red scythe formed in his hands and appeared to have been formed from crystallized blood. Once transformed, it was noted that Methuselah blood appeared to move about and be drawn into Nightroad's body without using his fangs..

At 80% activation, his nails turn into claws with black wings growing on his back and the capacity to generate large amounts of electricity. To take on this form, he required the blood of a vampire to power him and though he was capable of initiating 80% power, there was a chance that the nanomachines would refuse the command and cause him to collapse.

His final state was 100% activation where he turned into a dark skinned humanoid with black bat wings as well as blue markigns that covered his body. Similar to the previous state, he had the capacity to generate electricity though it was much more potent and a second blade formed on the other end of his blood scythe.

Abel was knowledgeable in the use of Lost Technology and was skilled enough to match programmers skilled in its usage. This allowed him to reprogram computers and restore control to them.


  • Abel Nightroad was voiced by Japanese actor Hiroki Tōchi with Satoshi Hino voicing the young Abel and Kazuya Ichijō in the drama CD.
  • English actor Troy Baker voiced the character in the dubbed series.


  • Trinity Blood:

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