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Ace is a name shared by several characters from the DC Animated Universe.


Ace (Royal Flush Gang I)

Member of the Joker's Royal Flush Gang, the youngest and quietest of the group. Ace has the power to distort the perceptions of anyone who looks in her eyes, and can drive people permanently insane if they're exposed too long.

Ace was taken to the government facility where the others members of the Gang were held soon after she was born, when she unintentionally drove her parents out of their mind. She was a passive party to the Joker's plans to destroy the Justice League in Las Vegas, but turned on him after she realized he was just using her. Leaving the Joker in a catatonically insane state, Ace left.

Ace (Royal Flush Gang II)

Android member of the Royal Flush Gang in the mid-21st century. Ace is silent but superhumanly strong.

Ace (Dog)

Bruce Wayne's faithful dog in the mid-21st century. Ace has saved his master and the new Batman on several occasions.

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