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Batman is the name shared by two superheroes from the DC Animated universe.


Batman (Bruce Wayne)

Batman, in his second costume.

Bruce Wayne was eight years old when his world came crashing down. After leaving a movie theater with his parents Thomas and Martha, they were murdered right in front of him by a petty crook. After that, Bruce made a vow to fight evil and prevent what happened to him from happening to anyone else. He travelled the world under many aliases, learning to fight, training to be a detective, escape artist, and everything he would need for his mission- along the way being taken care of by his butler and confidant Alfred Pennyworth.

While attending college, Bruce met and fell in love with Andrea Beaumont, all the while coming closer to his plan to be a masked vigilante. As their relationship grew, he knew he could not do both, and proposed to Andrea. Andrea accepted, but the next day had to flee the country. With Andrea gone, Bruce accepted his destiny and became the Batman.

As Batman, he protected Gotham City from criminals and psychopaths. He took in Dick Grayson and trained him to be a partner in his war on evil- Robin. His enemies were many and included the Joker, Two-Face, the Penguin, the Riddler and Ra's al Ghul among many others.

After years of being his partner, Dick abandoned the role of Robin and became Nightwing, and was replaced by Tim Drake. Batman was also joined in his war on crime by Batgirl. Eventually, he formed an uneasy alliance with Superman, which paved the way to him becoming a founding member of the Justice League (although he always considered himself a part-timer).

Years later, Batman vowed to never again endanger a young partner after Tim Drake was captured and driven insane by the Joker. Although the Joker perished and Tim was eventually returned to sanity, nothing was the same between him and his partners in Gotham anymore. Batman continued to play a key part in the Justice League, and saved the world from Ra's al Ghul during the Near Apocalypse of '09. Bruce also gained a new business rival in the form of Derek Powers, who eventually succeeded in buying control of Wayne Enterprises. However, Bruce continued to fight crime as Batman. Through the help of Cadmus, Batman's DNA was gained to create an offspring to another couple, that would later become the future Batman. This would be Terry McGinnis. As he grew older, he designed a new bat-suit to enhance his strength and reflexes, but even that was not enough to help him fight crime. He gave up being Batman for good when a heart attack during a battle forced him to defend himself with a gun.

Bruce lived alone in Wayne Manor, growing older, until Terry McGinnis met Bruce after his father was murdered by Powers. Terry stole the Bat-suit Wayne had developed to avenge his father's death; afterwards, Bruce agreed to take him on as a pupil, training him to succeed him and advising him. Eventually, Bruce fully retired and Terry truly succeeded him as Batman, the both of them taking care of each other.

Alternate Universes

In a timeline where Vandal Savage conquered the world during World War II, Bruce Wayne was a leader of the resistance against Savage's rule.

An alternate Batman was a member of the Justice Lords. He was convinced by the "mainstream" Batman that the Lords' methods were wrong, and he ultimately aided in his teammates' defeat.

Batman II (Terry McGinnis)

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