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One, alias James P. Shade, was the leader of the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Force commando team sent into the Hive (which consisted of Rain Ocampo, Chad Kaplan, J.D. Salinas, and Warner. Their mission was to shut down the Red Queen and discover how and why the T-Virus got loose inside the facility. He died inside the Red Queen's entrance corridor when a gridded laser passed through his body, cutting him up into little cubes.

Film Novelizations

His real name is unknown; the only one of his men who knew what his real name is was Bart Kaplan. One was an old friend of Major Timothy Cain, who recommended him to the Umbrella higher-ups when it came time to choose a new leader for their UBCS commando team. One led a team consisting of Kaplan, Rain Melendez, J.D. Hawkins, Vance Drew, Alfonso Warner and Olga Danilova into the Hive.

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