Rain Ocampo

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Rain Ocampo was a member of the UBCS commando team sent into the Hive to shut down the Red Queen. Rain was one of the team's only two female members, having joined Umbrella after her gender had resulted in her failure to be a member of any other SWAT team; because of this, she was extremely volatile and confrontational. Regardless, she was the group's most skilled marksman, and she did have at least one close friend in JD Salinas, who was her former training partner. Rain, J.D. and Matthew Addison were attacked by a horde of zombies while waiting for their teammates, and Rain was bitten savagely on the hand, thus becoming infected with the T-Virus. She sustained more bites over the course of the survivors' escape from the Hive, speeding up the rate of infection. Eventually, Rain became a zombie herself aboard the escape train (despite being given the anti-virus by Alice), and Matt was forced to shoot her in the head.

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