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Ahk-Ton is a male comic supervillain who features in DC Comics.




It was said that he had fashioned the Orb of Ra from a meteor that fell to Earth with him placing it in a sceptre that he presented to the Pharaoh. (The Brave and the Bold v1 #57) Another account held that Ahk-Ton was actually the Pharaoh who was presented the Orb by his alchemist under the belief that the ruler would share it with the kingdom. Upon exposure to its power, Ahk-Ton was transformed into what was believed to be the first of the Metamorphae where he came to rule the lands with an iron fist. This was until his transformation was reversed and he was seemingly killed with him being buried with the sceptre. (Metamorpho v2 #1)

Ahk-Ton was reawakened by Vandal Savage after the immortal acquired the Orb of Ra and used its powers to assemble an army to conquer all of Egypt during the 15th Dynasty. During this time, Ahk-Ton participated in the razing of Kahndaq and killing the family of Teth-Adam. He then accompanied Savage to the site of the Time Cube appearing leading to their encounter with the future superheroes Mr. Terrific, Hawkgirl and Captain Marvel. At first, the heroes were nearly overwhelmed by Captain Marvel gave them an opportunity to escape. Ahk-Ton then joined the armies formed to assault the last stronghold of Prince Khufu and his allies. (JSA v1 #43) To stop Savage, Captain Marvel and Teth-Adam called forth the sleeping god Ra to reclaim his stolen power. The Egyptian deity stripped the power from the villains with Savage turned into a new born child whilst Ahk-Ton was turned back into a mortal. A vengeful Teth-Adam then decided to take his revenge against Ahk-Ton for the death of his family where he snapped the Egyptian's neck thus murdering him. (JSA v1 #44)


Personality and attributes

He came to be referred to as the Metamorph after his transformation into one of the Metamorphae. (JSA v1 #42)

Powers and abilities

As a living periodic table, he could transform his essence into any substance such as making himself into a cloud of acid. (JSA v1 #43)


  • Ahk-Ton was created by Bob Haney and Ramona Fradon where he made his first appearance in The Brave and the Bold #57 (January, 1965).
  • The Brave and the Bold v1 #57 (1965) referred to Ahk-Ton as a priest though Metamorpho v2 #1 (1993) called him the Pharaoh.

In other media


  • In Justice League Unlimited, Ahk-Ton was referenced in the setting of the animated television series set in the DC Animated Universe in the episode "Ancient History". He was said to had terrorised the lands of Kahndaq leading to Pharaoh Katar Hol sending his General Bashari to free the land from his rule. Bashari succeeded in his mission thus placing Kahndaq under the benevolent protection of Pharaoh Hol.

Video games

  • In DC Legends, Ahk-Ton was referenced in the backstory for Black Adam in the setting of the mobile video game. It was said that the mad priest was responsible for killing Black Adam's family and in retribution he killed the man.


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