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The Orb of Ra is an artifact that features in DC Comics.




Orb of Ra in Metamorpho: Year One v1 #2.

The Orb of Ra was an ancient artifact that was native to the lands of Egypt. It was known that the Orb also possessed a sister-stone known as the Star of Atlantis with them being two of the three great transmutational power-stones of the ancients. (Wednesday Comics v1 #10) Its origins were traced during the reign of Ramses III when an alchemist had found a fallen meteor. He would take the shattered fragment and crafted it into the headpiece of a scepter with it aong with the remaining meteorite taken to the Pharaoh Ahk-Ton. The scepter was named the Orb of Ra whilst constant exposure to the radiation from the meteor transformed Akh-Ton into a metamorphic being making him the world's first Metamorpho. (Metamorpho v2 #1) In the 15th century, Vandar Adg had gained the service of the Metamorph Ahk-Ton and acquired the Orb of Ra allowing the immortal to create an army of homunculi to serve him in attacking Prince Khufu Ma-at Kha-taar. (JSA v1 #43)


Following the Flashpoint, a new version of reality was created with a different history of events.

The Orb was discovered by A.R.G.U.S. who kept it for safekeeping in the Black Room. However, an unknown party broke into the site and stole it. (Justice League v2 #7)

Doc Dread later acquired the Orb of Ra and gave it to Algon who was the Ancient Elemental Man. Algon managed to acquire the Orb of Ra in an effort to free himself from his role as custodian of the Kingdom of Elements on Element World. To accomplish this, he intended for Metamorpho to take his place and then use the Orb to return to a human existence. Thus, he created a tear into the mortal world whereby an elemental wave was unleashed that transformed various humans into Metamorphaes. This brought chaos to Earth as rogue elements began to transform the human population which attracted the attention of the Terrifics who journeyed into the elemental realm. He was ultimately stopped by the Terrifics with Mr. Terrific using the Orb to close the portal to Element World where in the process he helped turn Rex Mason back into a human. (The Terrifics v1 #6)


It was also sometimes known as the Eye of Ra. (Wednesday Comics v1 #3)


  • Ahk-Ton : an Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh whose alchemist discovered the meteor that was reshaped into the Orb of Ra which transformed him seemingly into the world’s first Metamorpho. However, rather than share his great power, he instead decided to rule with an iron fist until the alchemist used the Orb to reverse the transformation whereupon Ahk-Ton was killed with the relic buried with him. (Metamorpho v2 #1)
  • Vandar Adg :
  • Algon :
  • Rex Mason :
  • Urania Blackwell : a woman in the modern age who was a government secret agent that entered the pyramid in the Niles where she was exposed to the Orb of Ra thus becoming Element Woman. (Metamorpho v1 #10)
  • Jillian Conway : a blonde haired woman in the modern age who was a noted archaeologist and soldier-of-fortune that was a contemporary of Rex Mason. She went into the pyramid of Ahk-Ton where she was exposed to a more concentrated dose of radiation making her an even more inhuman Metamorpho. (Metamorpho v2 #1)


  • The Orb of Ra was created by Bob Haney and Ramona Fradon where it made its first appearance in Brave and the Bold v1 #57 (January, 1965).


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