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The symbol of Al-Thamen.

Al-Thamen is an organization that features in the Magi universe.



Followers of Al-Thamen.

They began inhabiting the region of the Kou Empire. At some point, the organization learnt of the birth of a Magi named Judar where they killed his parents as he was a child and took him into their ranks to serve them.

Since before the formation of Sindria, a group formed that sought to oppose the activities of the organization. They never referred to themselves by name but Sinbad of Sindria and others that opposed them began calling them Al-Thamen.

Al-Thamen was responsible for bringing ruin to Balbad such as bringing it to economic ruin with similar acts all around the Earth.

They were responsible for conducting deliberate acts creating frequent onset of war, discrimination, and poverty leading to abnormalities in the world. Such events were believed by some to be a coincidence but were the result of Al-Thamens actions.

The actions of Ali Baba led to him catching the attention of the organization. It was Ali Baba combined with the emergence of a fourth Magi named Aladdin leading to them dedicating their attention towards them. This saw them conduct an unorthodox practice by their standards which was targeting the nation of Sindria or destruction. The attack was, however, a distraction as the organization had been attacking Ali Baba and his allies at a nearby dungeon in order to push him into despair so that he would be overwhelmed by negative Black Rukh to become a new Dark King.



According to Sinbad, the group did not refer to itself by name and as called the Organization but that its enemies gave them the name Al-Thamen.

Through their power, they were able to make use of Black Rukh that was used to empower their Dark Metal Vessels. Dark Metal Vessel users sometimes were known to stab themselves with their relics. This transformed the person into a bestial and powerful Black Djinn. A second stage in the transformation could then he initiated whereby they returned to human form but had the Black Djinn equipped as weapons and armor. Black Djinn equipped warriors had various powers given to them by their artifacts such as controlling magnetism or creating shadow clones or other abilities.


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  • Al-Thamen operated as antagonists in the series.


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