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Alice is a female character that features in the Resident Evil movies.



Alice Parks was a female operative of the Umbrella Corporation who was hired as a security agent. Her assignment led to her being placed at a mansion facility that sat above the secret research laboratory known as the Hive that was situated underground. The mansion was made as an emergency entrance into the Hive with Alice being given a cover identity with fellow operative Spence Parks with the two being part of a fake marriage as part of their mission which was to protect the secrecy of the Hive's existence. However, she was secretly against the corporation and sought to expose them to the world. To achieve that goal, she contacted one of the scientists within the Hive named Lisa Addison and convinced her to take out one of the experimental viral weapons being developed by Umbrella. Through her access to the security codes and surveillance plan, she walked through with Lisa everything she needed to pull off her escape from the facility. Within the Hive, Addison attempted to smuggle out the T-Virus from the facility but unknown to Alice her partner Spencer Parks intervened causing the Red Queen program to shut the base down. As part of this lockdown, a nerve gas that induced amnesia was released that knocked out Alice causing her to awaken in the mansion with no memory of her past. In this state, she did not know her own identity nor where she was located leading to explore the seemingly empty mansion. Whilst checking through e rooms, she was apprehended by Matt Addison who was the brother of Lisa Addison. However, the pair were captured by a crack commando team deployed by the company who took the pair into the underground Hive facility to discover why there was a communication blackout from the laboratory. Whilst with the commando team, Alice would get flash-backs of her memory whilst attempting to survive against the horde of zombies that had been created from the infected staff of the Hive in addition to the various Bio-Organic Weapons developed by Umbrella. She would eventually learn of Spencer Parks betrayal and his plans to sell the T-Virus on the black market. Ultimately, only Alice and Matt Addison were able to escape the outbreak in the underground laboratory. However, after arriving at the mansion, they were captured by Umbrella scientists with the two being placed in quarantine at Raccoon General Hospital. Alice would awaken from this captivity and escape the room she was being held in only to discover that the T-Virus had escaped where it was ravaging Raccoon City.


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities

Following exposure to the T-Virus, she began to display psychic powers and was able to kill a security guard stationed far away that was observing her from a monitor.


  • Alice was an original creation of the Resident Evil movies by Paul W. S. Anderson with the character being portrayed by actor Milla Jovovich.
  • In the non-canon Resident Evil novelizations by Keith R. A. DeCandido, her name was given as Alice Abernathy.


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